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Chapter 9! Woo! X3 Still going strong on this thing! Hope everyone is still liking it. Enjoy!


     The two friends managed to return to Peaceful Pines in one piece. Lydia breathed a sigh in relief to that as she and Beetlejuice road into town on Doomie. It had gotten darker as they arrived. Street lights were just coming on.

"I feel like we'll be just in time for dinner!" Lydia said.

     She hadn't expected to be out so long but she definitely had fun! She couldn't believe all the new, freaky things she saw today. All this amazing stuff existed and she had no idea. The Central Neitherworld was beyond her wildest dreams and she loved it! They made memories that would last a lifetime, she thought, especially since she got some of it on camera.

The Vespa came to a halt.

"We're here, Babes…" Beetlejuice said.

     Lydia removed her hands from his waist as he got up and soon after, she jumped off too. She pet Doomie as if he were an animal and he beeped for her. Her bag in hand, they began walking towards her house. That was when she had a pause of nervousness. She had almost forgotten that Beetlejuice was coming to dinner via her parents' invitation.

She tugged on his jacket and he looked back at her, "Please don't pull anything on my parents…"

"Reeeelax, Babes! That's the furthest thing from my mind!" He assured.

She didn't really believe him but she had no choice. There was no getting out of it. She just hoped he would have enough self-control; and let's face it, with Beetlejuice that was scarce. They got to her doorstep. She set a hand on the handle and turned.

Walking inside, she shouted, "I'm home!"

"We're in the kitchen, dear!" She heard her mom say.

     Lydia motioned for Beetlejuice to follow. He removed his pinstriped jacket and placed it on a nearby coat rack and then ran to catch up with his friend. When they entered the kitchen, they saw her mom stirring something on the stove.

She glanced back, "You're getting in pretty late, Lydia…"

Lydia smiled cheesily, "Sorry about that, Mother…Me and Beetle—Um, Mr. Beetleman managed to find  a lot of things to photograph so we lost track of time. It won't happen again.."

"Oh, goody! So, you managed to get all you need for the Photo Show?" Delia asked her.

"Yup!" Lydia nodded.

"Sound's great, pumpkin." Her father added, "I'm sure you managed to take pictures of a lot of relaxing things; the sky, birds, the trees"

Lydia laughed nervously and that's when Beetlejuice chimed in.

"Haha, well she did get a picture of a tree but I wouldn't exactly call it relaxing! Pfft!"

He began to laugh and Lydia elbowed him, causing him to glare slightly as he rubbed his side. He began speaking again.

"So, what's for dinner, Miss Deetz? Hot Dogs?" with that he changed into a giant hot dog, "Maybe, with a side of mashed potatoes?" then he changed into a giant potato and a giant anvil appeared from nowhere and mashed him into the floor. He spoke once again, weakly, "..More like smashed potato..Ohnnn…"

Her father saw the whole thing and began to freak out. He began shaking and pointed at Beetlejuice, "D-d-d-did you see that, Delia?! He just--!"

Delia turned to him, "What are going on about, Charles?" She had been turned around the whole time, still focused on what she was cooking so she couldn't have noticed.

He turned to Lydia and proceeded to ask her the same question.

Lydia laughed nervously once again and denied, "Um, no…What could you mean…?"

Her father just stood there dumbfounded. He felt like he was going crazy. He saw what he saw but no one else did.

"Perhaps you should go lay down, Daddy…" Lydia suggested.

"Yeah…" Beetlejuice added, "You're not looking too well…" And just like that, he changed into a well in front of him.

Charles' eyes grew huge and then he shook his head. Once he looked again, Beetlejuice was back to normal. He placed a hand on his head.

"I think maybe you're right, dear…I'm so tired, I think I'm seeing things!" He began to walk off. "Call me down when dinner's ready… I just gotta try to relax…"

"So, Mr. Beetleman…" Delia began but Lydia interrupted.

"Uh, sorry. But…Mr. Beetleman has to use the bathroom" She said and then glared, "Don't you…?"

Beetlejuice was taken aback and gave her a confused look, "What? No, I don't---WHA-OA!" He yelled slightly as Lydia yanked on his tie quite violently, "I mean, Oh yeeeah…Yes, I do!" His voiced sounded rather choked.

"I'll show you where it is…" She said a bit sternly and then looked at her Mother, "We'll be back!"

"Alrighty!" Her mom replied optimistically, "Dinner will be done shortly!"

She dragged him away and he walked rather funny as Lydia still had a hold of his tie. His arms waved and he walked with his legs bent. After a moment or two, they were out of sight.


Beetlejuice and Lydia arrived in the hallway upstairs. She let go of his tie in a bit of a shove.

"Whaaaat?!" Beetlejuice said. He didn't like the glares he had been getting from his friend.

She wagged a finger at him, "You said you wouldn't pull anything on my parents!" She raised her arms to the side, "You got my Father thinking he's crazy!"

"Heeey…Some of the best people are crazy!" He laughed, "I mean, hey, look at me! Besides, all that stuff was child's play…" He changed into a child version of himself, wearing a spinner hat and a long black and white shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. In a second he was back to normal, "It's not like I can help the literal translations…It comes part and parcel with the powers!" He changed into a brown package and appeared in her hands, "You gotta forgive me, Lyds! Can't help it!"

Lydia gave a sigh and threw him up in the air. He changed back to normal and just floated there

"Well, you can try watching what you say! If you're not careful, it's going to get you into big trouble! If you keep pranking people every chance you get, someone's going to find out about you!"

     Beetlejuice took her warning into consideration even if he didn't believe it. What's the worst that could happen? No one knew who he was and with such a perfect disguise, he could get away with anything he wanted! Still, he did care about Lydia…He didn't want to let her down. Especially, with the next thing she said.

Lydia set a hand on his shoulder, "Please, Beetlejuice…It's important to me…"

Oh, now that just hit him straight in the heart. He placed both of his hands on her shoulders, "Okay, Lyds! You twisted my arm! I won't prank 'em!" Just as he said that, both of his arms connected and got all twisted, trapping Lydia, inadvertently pulling her close to him. "Whoa..ah, whoops!"

     Lydia giggled and he smiled. She was happy again. Shaking his thoughts away, he began pulling his arms, trying to disconnect them. Accidentally, he pulled too hard and he fell to the floor, taking Lydia with him. They both shouted slightly as they fell.

"I've always known I was twisted but this is insane!" Beetlejuice said as he struggled.

     After a second or two, his eyes fell on Lydia, whom because of the fall, was lying on top of him. He took in her features and blushed slightly. This closeness was making him feel strange inside; a good kind of strange but still strange. He was feeling…nervous? And he had no clue why! This made him struggle even harder with a few loud grunts.

Lydia shook her head, "Here, Beetlejuice…Let me help…"

Lydia moved herself slightly and was able to get free. Then, she took both of his arms and proceeded to turn them in odd ways, untangling them.

She laughed, "I'd hate to see you get tongue tied!"

He said up with an annoyed, blank stare, "Oh, don't even get me started!"

Lydia shook away his previous statement and stood up, offering a hand to help him up as well. "Come on, Beetlejuice. We should get back to my Mother"

Beetlejuice straightened his collar and waved his hand, "Ahh…You go ahead! Got something to take care of…" He pointed a thumb at the bathroom door.

Lydia eyed him strangely but then shrugged, "Okay, don't be long!" She set a hand on the railing and looked back, "Haha, and try not to fall in the tub again!"

Beetlejuice leaned on an invisible wall, "Trust me, Babes…I'm not that sick!"

     Lydia just rolled her eyes with a small laugh and walked downstairs. He waved goodbye and once she was gone, he set a hand on the bathroom door. Just before he opened it, he stopped. He cleared his throat and his eyes trailed to the side, glancing at another room down the hall. Beetlejuice stretched his left leg until he had a full foot in front of the room he was eyeing; her parents room. Just then, his entire body snapped back to his leg and he now stood in front of that room. His nature was beginning to take over again, almost forgetting his promise to his new best friend. The urge in him was sometimes just so strong that he couldn't help it!

     Just then he heard the handle jiggle and he gasped, throwing himself against a wall, turning transparent. Charles walked out of the bedroom, rubbing his face in a stressed and/or tired way. He walked down the hall and entered the bathroom. Once inside, Beetlejuice became visible again. He put a hand under his chin and tapped his bottom lip with a finger. Slowly, a large, mischievous smile flew across his face.

Beetlejuice slapped each side of his face with his hands, softly and looked up, "Gee! I diiid tell Lyds I had something to take care of in the bathroom!"

      He rubbed his hands together and gave a low laugh. He just loved finding loopholes. Beetlejuice set a palm on the bathroom doorknob and instantly changed into a liquid, seeping under the door crack.


     Once inside, the puddle developed eyes and scanned the area. He could see Charles' silhouette through the shower curtain. He gave another low laugh and transformed himself into the showerhead, black and white stripes included. Suddenly, the nice, warm water became ice cold before turning into oozing green slime!

Charles' shrieked loudly as he used his arms to block it. Some got in his mouth and he spit, repeatedly. He coughed a little before falling out of the tub. He quickly grabbed a nearby towel to cover himself, trying to wipe some of the slime off. He heard a voice and then he looked up. The showerhead had stretched and was now just a few inches away from him. "Heeey, Chuckie…"

Charles looked petrified.

"I think you forgot to wash up…" The showerhead said, as shampoo and soap floated in front of him.

Charles threw his hands up in terror, "AAAAAAAAH!!" He snatched his robe and zoomed out of the bathroom, followed by insane amount of Beetlejuice's laughter.


Charles ran downstairs, now wearing his robe.

"Delia!!" He screamed and shuddered as he entered the kitchen.

Lydia and Delia gasped at his sudden appearance.

"Charles! You're a mess!" Delia said and lectured him slightly, "If you're going to go walking around the house, especially the kitchen, at least have a good bath first!"

"B-But-But-But…That's where I just came from!" Charles protested.

Lydia and Delia looked at him wide-eyed as he continued.

"It's…haaaaaaunted!! There were bottles and they were floating! Slime was everywhere! And there-there was this laughter!" He explained as he moved his hands with each description.

Lydia put a hand to her mouth as Charles pulled on Delia's arm and convinced her to come with him to show her.

After a few minutes, Lydia heard some of their conversation.

"Honestly, Charles!"

"But it-it was there!! I swear!"

She heard them getting closer. Her mother was the first to enter the kitchen, eyes closed and shaking her head, "You and your active imagination…" She got back to making her meal.

Lydia blinked as her father came in with a dumbfounded look. The kind of look that said 'Maybe I am crazy…'

And almost in a flash, Beetlejuice entered with an innocent smile, leaning on the entrance of the kitchen, "Sooooo….What's cookin'…?"

Lydia glared and folded her arms, speaking a little low, "Trouble…"


And that's where I end it! XD Hope it was entertaining. If anything, it was definitely fun to write and picture. Poor Charles. Always the object of BJ's pranks. His poor nerves. Haha, More soon!
Un Coléoptère Dans La Neitherworld

Summary: A Monster In Paris, Beetlejuice Style...A/U

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