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Chapter 8 is here! Yaaaaay! I really hope you like it. It is finally getting somewhere x3 I never knew writing you favorite characters in an AU could be so fun XD Cuz I was never into AU's. So, thank you all who read and review and show you like what I do 8D


They landed on the island and Beetlejuice set her down on solid ground. Lydia stared at her camera excitedly.

"Oh, Beetlejuice! I can't wait to get these pictures home so I can work on them!" She said happily.

He smirked and folded his hands behind his head, just floating there with his legs crossed, "No better place to get freaky photos than the Central Neitherworld!"

"You said it!" Lydia agreed, walking around the spooky tree she had just taken a picture of. She stared up and saw a bird's nest with a mom and baby skeleton birds inside it. Lydia leaned against the tree and closed her eyes for a moment. All of a sudden, she could feel the tree vibrating. She opened her eyes with a "Huh?" She stood up straight and looked at the tree, placing a palm on it.

"Beetlejuice!" She called.

Beetlejuice floated over to her, "What?"

"This tree…It's moving!" Lydia explained.

Beetlejuice landed on his feet, "Moving, huh, Lyds?" He walked over to it with a large smile, "Oooh! Maybe it's got termites! Lemme have a looksee!" He pulled out his eyes like a telescope and stuck it in a hole in the tree, "'Eye' don't see anything in here…" Suddenly, the tree jumped and his eye slammed back into its socket and he fell on his backside. "Hmm…maybe you're not just jumping to conclusions!"

"What is it?" She asked.

Before he even had a chance to answer, the island began to shake slightly. After a minute or two, the shaking became more aggressive and faster. Lydia found it hard to keep her balance.

"Whooa..! Aaah..! Eeee…!" She screamed, "Whaaat's g-goiiing ooon…?!"

Beetlejuice bit his fingernails and shook in fear, still sitting. His eyes then tightened and he folded his hands in prayer, "Please don't be that! Anything but that!"

Just then, BAM! A huge explosion in the center of the island, rubble flying everywhere.

Beetlejuice's eyes popped out of his head and his hat flew off "SANDWORM!"

      His head spun around wildly and he had to stop it with his hands, looking a bit dizzy. He shook his head and that when he heard a loud scream. He turned and screamed again. The spooky tree began shaking off of its foundation

"Whoa! Looks like that trees got root rot!" He put his hand to each side of his face, "Lyds! Get out of there!"

But his warning was late; the tree was coming down too fast.


     She screamed and her eyes tightened and that's when she felt two hands shove her out of the way. Lydia sat up and shook her head before opening her eyes slowly. Her eyes widened as she saw Beetlejuice under the tree, the only part of him visible was his head and arms. Lydia ran over to him.

"Beetlejuice!" She worried.

He looked up at her, eyes half open, "This really isn't 'flat'tering…" He tried pulling himself up, "Now, Flattening…that's another thing!"

Lydia gave him a look of concern, "Oh, BJ…" She grabbed both his arms and began to pull "Uhnnngh!...I'll get you outta there!" She kept pulling and pulling. She rested and wiped her forehead, "It's no use!"

"Babes…" He lifted a hand, "Don't pull a muscle…I'll get through this…" Just then, he phased through the tree and could stand up again. He laughed, "See what I mean?"

Lydia looked scared and was staring behind him, "Yeah! But will we get through this ?!"

     She pointed behind him and he screamed, grabbing her hand and running off. As they ran, he grabbed his fallen hat. Beetlejuice threw her up in the air and caught her in his arms before flying off to get away from the sandworm. They were now away from the island and on the main road.

"Whew!" Beetlejuice fell to a sitting position. "We're safe now!"

"What was that thing?" Lydia asked.

Beetlejuice explained, "That's a Sandworm.." He shuddered as he said the word, "They live deep under the Neitherworld in a place called Sandworm Land." Beetlejuice looked at the worm on the island with fear, "And they're always trying to give us a worm welcome!"

"Well, at least it can't…" Lydia touched her chest slightly and then her face fell. She felt around a little more before looking down and gasping, "My camera!! It's gone!"

"Well, that's a dog-gone shame, Babes…" He said, changing into a black and orange dog, resting his head on a paw.

"I must have dropped it when the sandworm came!"

Lydia squinted her eyes and looked over at the island. She scanned for her camera to see where she might have dropped it. Just then, she spotted it! Oh, but how she wished she hadn't. The camera was sitting right on top on the Sandworms head!

"Well, I found my camera…" She announced.

He juiced back to normal and jumped to his feet, "That's great!"

"Not really…"She pointed, "It's on top of the sandworm!"

Beetlejuice backed a few paces, "Aww…that's too bad. Well, I guess it's back to Peaceful Pines…C'mon, Babes…"

"No", she told him, "I need that camera!"

He threw up both of his arms, "Are you crazy?!" He walked up to her, "We do that and we're a good as sandworm food!"

     Beetlejuice and Lydia went back and forth, fighting about the pros and cons. Unbeknownst to them, the sandworm on the island was inching backwards. It then jumped and launched itself towards the two.

"Aaaah!" They both screamed, holding onto each other.

     Beetlejuice pulled them out of the way of its attack just in time. Lydia ripped herself out of his grip and began running towards the sandworm, causing Beetlejuice to freak out. When he saw her running up the sandworm, he freaked even more.

"You're insane!!" He shouted loudly. He then relaxed, placing a hand on his side and his eyes half closed with a smile, pointing to her with a thumb, "…Knew I liked her for a reason"

Lydia struggled to hang on. The sandworm was trying to shake her off. She was frightened but she needed that camera. It was important to her. Beetlejuice got it for her and it had all the photos for the Photo Show. She wasn't losing that. Slowly, Lydia was able to inch up until she was sitting on his head.

"If it wasn't so terrifying, I would say the view was great from up here…" She commented as she grabbed her camera, "Gotcha!"

Just as she slipped it around her neck, she began to slide down the worm. She hugged it for dear life. Lydia figured out it was about to lunge again. She was completely out of ideas; save for one.

"Beetlejuice! Heeeelp!!" She screamed.

He flailed, "What do ya expect me to do?!"

"Anything!" She shrieked as the worm leaped towards Beetlejuice, who luckily dodged.

The worm began to shake again, finally able to swing her off. She screamed as she flew through the air and slammed into Beetlejuice.

"Oooh!" Beetlejuice yelled from the hit, "Man, you really have an impact on me, Babes!"

The sandworm wasn't giving up, though. It lunged towards both of them and the two rolled out of the way in separate directions. Lydia rolled over on her stomach and looked up; first at the sandworm and then at Beetlejuice who looked terrified. She saw the sandworm getting ready to attack him

"Beetlejuice! Get outta the way!" She cried.

He shook, "I…I can't!! I'm frozen with fear!" All of a sudden, Beetlejuice was covered in a layer of frost with icicles cover every part of his body. "Uh-oh! Now I'm really frozen!"

"Oh, no! I have to do something!" Lydia said, looking around before jumping to her feet. She saw her shopping bag in the corner of her eye. She thought quick and grabbed it. She held it back and then launched it at the sandworm; definitely getting its attention, "Hey, you! Pick on someone your own size…"

Just then the sandworm changed course and started slithering after her.

"Aaah! I'm not your size either!" She shouted as she ran with her hands out.

     Okay, I got the sandworm away from Beetlejuice. Now what? Lydia thought to herself. She ran a little before she got an idea. If she could get the worm back into that hole in the ground, their problem would be solved. But stopping to think proved to be a stupid thing to do, she realized as she was scooped up by the worm's mouth, tightly closed on the bottom of her dress.

Beetlejuice finally broke free of his ice and looked at his friend. He raised a hand to the sky, "Lydia!!"

"Beetlejuice!" She shouted back.

The Sandworm slithered backwards and then launched itself towards the island, taking her with it. He knew what it was up to. The sandworm was going to take her down to Sandworm Land.

Beetlejuice looked angry and rolled up his sleeves, "Not on my watch!" Suddenly he changed into a watch with wings and flew over to the island before changing back to normal, "Wow! Time really does fly! You okay, Babes?" He shouted up to her.

"Beej! I think we have a chance if we trick it back into Sandworm Land!" She told him.

"Well, that trick better work! Or you'll be his treat!" Beetlejuice worried.

"Don't remind me…" Lydia said, "Now, try leading him towards the hole! It's our only chance!"

"Yes, ma'am!" He gave her a salute and disappeared in a flash of smoke and appeared in front of the sandworm, taunting it.

Beetlejuice stared behind him, making sure he was getting close to the crack in the earth.

Lydia punched a fist in the air and cheered him on, "Keep it up, BJ! It's working!"

     The sandworm didn't even catch on to what Beetlejuice was doing so it took one big slither and realized there was nothing but air under its tail. Its eyes widened as it awaited its fall. Its mouth flew open, causing Lydia to fall as well.

"Aaaaaah!!" She screamed as she fell, only to land in Beetlejuice's arms with an "Oof!"

Beetlejuice gave her a sweet smile and joked, "We gotta keep meeting like this…"

She giggled as he took off into the air. Lydia definitely wasn't scared about flying with Beetlejuice anymore. After what she went through today, there are much scarier things than heights.

Lydia let out a sigh and relaxed, throwing her head back.

"You surprise me, Babes!" He said.

She lifted her head and looked at him with slight confusion, "Huh?"

"The way you…I couldn't imagine anyone from the Living Colony taking on a sandworm like you did! I'm impressed!" Beetlejuice told her.

Lydia laughed, "I'll take that as a compliment!...Thank you for saving me"

"I couldn't let anything happen to my best bud!" Beetlejuice said.

Lydia's eyes widened for a second but then she smiled.

He smiled back and then looked at her camera. "Hey, how about one more picture?"

She blinked at him, wondering what he meant. Beetlejuice nodded at her camera and it lifted off her neck and floated in the air in front of them.

"Say cheese!" He shouted.

Both of them said "Cheese!" and the camera flashed, taking a picture of both of them; their first picture together. Lydia loved the idea of it and knew she would keep that one forever. The camera returned to her neck and she sighed in an amused but tired way.

She lifted a hand and set it on his shoulder, "Let's go to dinner…"


And there you have it! Chapter 8! I know most of it was basically them being chased by a sandworm but I hope it was enjoyable. Yet another scene that was in my head that I loved. Next chapter soon! Luv yaz!!
Un Coléoptère Dans La Neitherworld

Summary: A Monster In Paris, Beetlejuice Style...A/U

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