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Chapter 7 is here! Woo! This has been so much fun for me so far X3 Even if I'm not the best at it, writing is fun for me. Especially Beetlejuice fanfics. I have missed them muchly x3 Enjoy! This one should be good 8D


     They had been travelling for a good twenty minutes. Lydia never how relaxing a ride could be with her eyes closed. It was so calming. She oddly was finding Beetlejuice so comfortable. She snuggled her face into his back. He felt it and glanced back for a moment. It was nice but he began feeling weird again. He shook his head and focused on getting to the location once more.

"Are we almost there..?" She asked.

He jumped a little, "Uh…Y-yeah!"

Doomie made a VROOM sound but Beetlejuice finally wanted to stop so he tried slowing down the speed. Beetlejuice slammed on the brake and the Vespa had been moving so fast that the sudden stop dug it into the ground. Beetlejuice looked up and noticed he was halfway in a hole in the ground.

He looked annoyed, "So much for stopping on a dime!" He jumped off and saw something shiny in the corner of his eye, "Huh?" The ghost kneeled and glanced at the front tire. His eyes widened as he picked up the time. It was a dime. "Well, what do ya know?" He looked at the sky, "Not what I meant though…" Beetlejuice sighed and pushed Doomie out of the hole and onto the normal road again.

He looked at his surroundings and smiled. Just then, he heard an "Ahem!" Beetlejuice quickly turned around.

"Uh, Beetlejuice…Can I please take this blindfold off now?" Lydia spoke

"Oh!...Right, right!" He said, lifting her off of Doomie. Once on solid ground, he untied the blindfold and it fell to the ground.

Lydia had her eyes closed for a moment and then she shot them open. She took a step back and gaped at what she saw. Beetlejuice raised an arm at the site.

He smirked, "Welcome to the Central Neitherworld!"

Lydia gasped and held up her hands, "You didn't…!"

"Oh, but I did!" He laughed with his eyes closed. By the time he opened them, he realized she was gone, "Ah! Hey, where'd ya go?!" He began looking and every direction and spotted her running off into town. He squeaked and ran after her, flailing his arms, "Lyds!"

He finally caught up to her and grabbed her arm, "Hold your horses!" He warned, changing into a black and white horse with her on top, holding his reins. "You just can't run off into The Central Neitherworld…"

Lydia understood his point, "You're right, Beej…" She turned to look at the town, "Oh, but look at this place!"

He changed back to normal and they were standing side by side. "Allow me to be your tour guide!" He turned into a paper brochure and appeared in her hands.

     She giggled and he changed back to normal and put his arm around her, leading her into town. Lydia smiled; looking left and right every chance she got. Everything was just so new, so weird, and so creepy. She felt so at home here! Everything the Central Neitherworld had to offer was everything she was into. She stayed in tune with all the strange facts Beetlejuice would randomly say about the place. Lydia couldn't help but smile and look at him with admiration. Did he have any idea he was making her dreams come true?

Lydia breathed a happy sigh, "So, this is the Central Neitherworld!" She gazed around with her hands on her hips, "Picture that!" She paused and her arms fell as if they lost all feeling, "Picture…that…" She became a bit sad.

He looked back and noticed her, "Hey! What's up!?" He hung upside down in front of her with a confused expression, "I figured you'd be beyond excited!"

Lydia jerked up and waved her arms, "Oh! Sorry! I am, believe me, I am!" She looked up with a smile, "This place is better than I ever imagined! It's just…" She folded her hands, "Well, there are so many freaktastic things here and I can't photograph any of it."

"That is kind of depressing, huh?" Beetlejuice said, deflating like a beach ball onto the ground. He thought for a second and a light bulb appeared above his head. He inflated back to his normal self and raised a hand, "Babes!" He took a large breath and then quietly said, "Back in a flash!" In a camera-like flash he was gone and in another flash two seconds later, he was back.

Lydia blinked, "Wow! That really was a flash!"

Beetlejuice threw a hand, "Nah, Babes. That'd just be inappropriate! Pfft!"

Lydia shook her head and then looked back at him, "About my camera…Listen! I don't want you to feel bad…I mean, just being here is enough… I don't need to take any photos!" She gave him a smile. She didn't want him think that she didn't appreciate him bringing her here; especially considering he didn't have to. He was supposed to be hiding, after all.

"Hmm…" Beetlejuice mimed leaning back on a wall and crossed his legs, "You know, that's too bad…Cause I just found this layin' around…" He tossed a box in her direction.

Lydia fumbled with it for a second before finally catching it. She looked up at him, "What's this?" the girl just saw him nod towards the box. She blinked and then lifted the opening. Lydia gasped, "You bought me a camera?!"

Beetlejuice hopped out of place and laughed nervously, "Bought?!" He coughed and then kicked the dirt slightly as he checked his nails calmly, "Bought!...Yeah! That's what I did…Yup…hehehe"

He was about to walk away from this awkward situation when he felt two arms wrap around him and a face cuddle him slightly. He looked down; it was Lydia. "…Whoa…Whatcha doin' there, Babes?"

Lydia giggled and explained, "It's called a hug…"

This was a hug…Wow..The concept seemed so foreign to him. He was used to being squeezed on a normal basis but not in such a gentle manner. It was actually kind of nice. He hesitated at first but hugged her back.

When they finally separated, Beetlejuice scratched the side of his head, "Uh…so what was it for…?"

"For getting me such a great camera", Lydia told him as she admired the device. She paused a moment, "No…More than that!" She looked up, "For bringing me here and being the best friend a girl could ask for!"

Beetlejuice folded his hands behind his back, "Aww, shucks!" He looked to the side.
"You really make life interesting!" She added.

A smirk came to his face and he snaked an arm around her, "You think life is interesting?! Wait till ya see just how interesting the afterlife can be!"

She gave a huge smile with hands clasped, "Oh boy!" Lydia connected the strap to her camera and slid it around her neck, "Let's go!"

Lydia stole his arm and began pulling him along really fast before he even got a second to react. She began laughing happily and taking photos of almost everything in sight. She got a lot of good shots. She even retook some of Beetlejuice, which he loved. He gave so many different poses and was so into it.

"Haha, okay, Beetlejuice! I think that's enough for now! I might run out of film…" She said.

"…or my face might break the camera…" He joked.

Lydia let her camera hang around her neck once more and looked around at different shops. They stopped by one that looked like a clothing store. She glanced up and said "What a freaky boutique!" She turned and looked at Beetlejuice, "Can we go in?"

"I don't see why we can't!" He joked and all of a sudden they were inside a large vegetable can.

Lydia laughed and jumped out of it. She walked into the store and he followed, humming his usual tune.


     Lydia gazed all around the store. It was a spooky fashion wonderland! Lydia went over to a rack and began looking at all the different clothing. Lydia tossed him her camera. He didn't expect it so he almost dropped it.

"I want to try a few things on!" She explained.

"Sure thing, Babes!" Beetlejuice said. His face then fell as he stared up at the large pile she was holding, "That's…quite a few things….!"

She laughed and ran into the dressing room. Beetlejuice slapped his forehead with an annoyed look. They were going to be here a while.

'Well, at least she's happy!' He thought. He paused, '…I mean, if I cared about that sorta thing…' Even in his head, Beetlejuice was on the defense. He wasn't used to caring about anyone but himself. So, Lydia made him feel strange. Was this what it was like to care about someone? To call someone friend?

Lydia stepped out of the dressing room in the first outfit. Beetlejuice jumped back in response. She looked like she was wearing a large green rectangle box.

"Somehow, I don't think this is me…" Lydia said.

Beetlejuice couldn't help but laugh at the strange outfit. "You're right! Must be me!!"

Suddenly, she looked down and her outfit had both his eyes and mouth, laughing. She laughed too and then he changed back to normal. He let her go back in the room.

     She went through quite a few outfits, some even hideous to Beetlejuice! But there were quite a few that he thought she looked amazing in. One seemed to be a Bride of Frankenstein get up, complete with hair that had two pink streaks going from top to bottom. Another was a long black dress that went way past her foot on one side with the other leg exposed from the calf down. Around the center was a purple spider web sash and on her forearms; black arm warmers. In her hair, there was a skull and crossbones hair clip. He began taking photos of her in all these amazing outfits and she posed for him, finding so much amusement in this. The next outfit was a blue, sleeveless shirt with a black, shaggy skirt and blue leggings. She had a silver studded belt with a skull buckle on the end and a dark blue spider web shawl on her shoulders. Black boots covered her feet and long black fingerless gloves.

Beetlejuice waited around for a while, urging Lydia to hurry up.

"Okay, BJ! One last one!" She said.

He folded his arms and looked to the side, "Alright..Alright…"

     After a moment or two, she stepped out, head lowered a little. He stared at her and his crossed arms just fell, along with his mouth. He felt so entranced by her. She was so…beautiful. This outfit was a red dress with black spider webbing and tattered edges at the bottom. The sleeves were slightly belled so you could see the internal fabric was lavender. Underneath, she seemed to be wearing a full body black leotard covering all but her fingers.

She lifted her head and smiled at him. She opened her arms and twirled, "Well? What do you think?"

All of a sudden she saw a bunch of white words fall out of his mouth and run away from the area. He gestured towards them. "Words just escape me, Lyds!" He held up a piece of paper that said speech on top and that flew away too! "I'm speechless!"

Lydia lifted a hand to her mouth and laughed, "I hope that's a good thing!"

"Most definitely, Babes!" He ran over to her and place an arm around her, "I think…" He poked her with a finger slightly, "You should get that dress!"

"Really?" She asked in a happy tone.

"Really! It has 'you' written all over it!!" He said and a bunch of lettering that said 'you' appeared all over her outfit.

    Lydia blushed slightly. Beetlejuice really knew how to make a girl feel beautiful. She nodded and went to go change. She stepped out and paid the cashier, who was a teenage skeleton with black, shaggy hair and a red shirt and a yellow long sleeved undershirt. After she was done, she stared at Beetlejuice who was eyeing the cashier with suspicion.

She tilted her head, "What's wrong…?"

Beetlejuice pushed her out of the store, looking back slightly, "I don't think I should like that guy…"


     Lydia swung her shopping bag slightly as they walked. Shopping had been fun but she had to get back to the task as hand; Photography. They were far away from town now, in an open area. She looked around the road. There was nothing else. She couldn't help but think of how long the fall would be if one fell off. She shuddered and tried to forget about it.

"You wanting to go back, Lyds?" Beetlejuice as he walked with her, hands in his pockets.

She wound her camera, "I wanna get one more picture first!"

Lydia looked around, trying to find something cool to take a picture of. She couldn't find anything. She was just about to give up when she found something and her jaw dropped, "That!" Lydia ran to the edge of the road.

Beetlejuice walked over to her, adjusting his hat. He placed a hand above his eyes, squinting to see what she saw. It was a floating island with one really big spooky tree. "Kinda far away…aint it?"

Lydia lifted her camera and not even her camera could zoom in enough. She let her camera hang and sighed, "Too far is more like it! Oh well!" Lydia shrugged, "Too bad, that woulda made a great entry!"

"Hmm…" Beetlejuice said with narrowed eyes and a hand under his chin. His eyes went from side to side; looking at Lydia and then the floating island. He turned and faced it.
When Lydia noticed he wasn't walking with her, she turned around and saw him facing with his back to her.

Lydia walked up to him, "Beej…?"

"Get on my back…" She heard him say.

Lydia was confused, "Wha?"

She didn't get an answer so she shrugged and just did as he said. She lifted her arms to his shoulders and he bent down to accommodate her. He bounced her up so that he had a better grip on her. He didn't want her to fall. Confused at first, Lydia finally had an idea of what was going on. She panicked and began to struggle

"Oh! No, Beetlejuice…You really don't have to----AAAAAAH!!"  Lydia screamed as they took off, into the air

"Hang on, Lyds!" He yelled with a smile.

Lydia wrapped her arms around his neck and held for dear life. "Beetlejuice! What're you doing?!"

"Flying! What's it look like?" He laughed.

"Put me down! Put me down!" She demanded.

Beetlejuice looked down beneath him, seeing nothing but sky. He looked at her slightly, "Uh, Babes…You might wanna rethink that…" He gestured his head downward

Lydia looked down and couldn't be more frightened. She squeezed harder and whined. It's a good thing Beetlejuice was already dead or she could have choked him to death.

Beetlejuice spoke again, "You want the shot, don'tcha?"

Lydia let go of fear for a second, "Well, yeah…."

"Then here we goooooooooooooo!!" With that he picked up speed in flight, causing her to scream a little more.

They were finally close enough for her to get the shot. He looked back at her and saw her frazzled state, "Sorry, Lyds. Didn't mean to give you a panic attack…" With that, an iron pan fell from nowhere and banged him on the head before falling into nothingness. "Ow!" He shouted, rubbing his head.

"Th-That's okay…" Lydia said in a really shaky voice.

"So, get your picture!" He encouraged.

She nodded but she needed to be up higher. But instead of asking Beetlejuice to go up a little higher, she decided to climb up him. She sat wobbly with her knees on his shoulders. "A little mooore…" She straightened up a bit as she held her camera close to her face. Just as she was about to click the button, she fell forward, "Aah!"

Her eyes were tightened as she waited for the fall to continue; but it didn't. She had stopped. She opened one eye and noticed she was in Beetlejuice's arms.

"Watch it, Babes! Take another trip like that and I might not see ya next fall!!"

     She giggled nervously and looked up at him. Somehow, flying like this was a lot more comfortable. Staring at him, she made an observation. Beetlejuice was always pranking people and could be uncaring and mean sometimes to other people. But she was beginning to see the heart he was trying to hide. After all, he gave her this whole day just to make her happy. That meant a lot to her. Lydia knew Beetlejuice would hate her for this next thought but she couldn't help but think about how sweet he was…

He began to speak once more, "Go on! I gotcha!"

Lydia shook away her thoughts and tried sitting up a little. She lifted the camera and got her shot, the best picture in all the Neitherworld, she thought before smiling sweetly at Beetlejuice. All thanks to the best person in the Neitherworld.


Woo! This one's a bit longer than the others but these are scenes that were in my head since before I even started writing this thing. The idea of Lydia posing for BJ in Neitherworld outfits is just too cute to resist and I always wondered about their first flight together. I'm sure Lydia would be frightened cuz Its not like she's ever been that high off the ground before. More soon! 8D

Btw, you get points for epicness if you get my comic reference XD
Un Coléoptère Dans La Neitherworld

Summary: A Monster In Paris, Beetlejuice Style...A/U

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Ahhhh!!!Fangirl shreek!!!lol ;) So cute!!!Love how he is trying his best to make her happy!And love how he cathches her in his arms!:)
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