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Yay! Chapter 5! Can't believe we're here already! Well, I'm liking this so far so I'm gonna keep it up! This is the first chapter fic I intend to finish XD Enjoy!


     It had been a while and they finally decided to get some sleep. Tomorrow would be a big day for the both of them. Tomorrow was when Lydia was going shooting; Photos, that is. She also wanted to try Beetlejuice on the town. She hoped her disguise for him would be enough to fool everyone into thinking he was actually from The Living Colony. Lydia was confident, though. She would pass him off as Mr. Beetleman, her photography assistant. But for now, they needed to sleep. He liked the attic so much; she let him stay up there. Besides, it was a good place to hide him. Her parents never went up there anyways.

Lydia yawned as she got ready for bed, "I'm sure everything will be okay…" She crawled into bed and snuggled up to her pillow. She smiled, "Life's about to get pretty interesting…"


     The next day quickly approached. The sun was up and Lydia almost didn't want to greet it. She curled up and hid her head under the covers and slept for a few more minutes. After that, she decided she would get up. Lydia lifted the covers and sat up, revealing her half-awake face and messy hair. She hopped out of bed and stretched with a long yawn. Lydia was so tired that she had wondered if the happenings of last night were just a dream. She had been listening to scary stories on her radio. Could that have influenced her dream? She had to know!

     She zoomed out of her room and down the hall. The house felt empty. She wasn't sure if her parents were out or still asleep. Lydia looked around and the coast was clear so she ran to the back of the hallway. She hopped and yanked the string that revealed the staircase to the attic. Lydia climbed until she reached the top. She poked her head in and glanced around before actually entering the attic. The light was off so it was pretty dark and spooky; not that she minded. Once inside, she walked around and found a light switch. She flipped it with a smile but once she looked around, that smile faded.

"Oh…" She said softly, a little sad.

No one was here. So, it had just been a dream…She sighed with her head down and turned around, only for something to pop in front of her in a flash of smoke. She shrieked and fell back on her bottom.

The figure tilted his head, "Anyone ever tell you, you have a really beautiful scream?"

Lydia blinked her eyes, "Beetlejuice?!"

And indeed it was! She hadn't dreamed him up after all. He helped her up and said "The one and only!" before changing into a literal number one.

She dusted herself off and he noticed her looks. "Wow! You look great in the morning!"

Lydia frantically used her hands to pat down her hair, "What are you talking about? I look terrible…"

Beetlejuice raised an eyebrow, "Like that's a bad thing…?"

Lydia had to laugh, she kind of appreciated the compliment. She then leaned back and folded her arms. "I knew you were too weird to dream up…"

He looked at her with amusement and confusion.

"I woke up and thought I just imagined you…" She explained.

"Well, I am sort of a character…" He laughed and juiced up an umbrella, "A shady character…"

Lydia laughed again. "Pretty life-like for a dead guy, aren't you?"

He just gave her a cheesy smile and she replied, "So, are you hungry?"

"Bah…" He threw a hand, "Don't worry 'bout me, Babes.." Just then his hand changed into a fly swatter and he smashed a nearby bug crawling by. He scraped it off the floor and lifted it to his face, "I think I'm covered!" All of a sudden, a giant blanket fell from the sky and he fell down with a yell.

She lifted it slightly to see his face, "You can say that again!"

"…I'd rather not" Beetlejuice replied.

Lydia just shook her head in amusement. She walked towards the exit. Glancing back, she said jokingly, "Well, I'm off to get some breakfast…that isn't crawling on the floor!" With that, she left to go downstairs.


     So, Lydia had her breakfast and got changed back into her dress. She sat in front of a mirror and brushed her hair before putting it back up in a bun. She patted both sides of her head with a relieved sigh, "That's much better!" She stared closer into the mirror, looking relaxed when suddenly she had disgusting warts all over her face and bloodshot eyes. She jumped back with a slight gasp but then she caught on, "…Beetlejuice!"

The mirror's vision faded. His laugh echoed before he showed up in her mirror, "What gave me away, Babes…?"

She folded her arms and smirked, "Who else could come up with something that gross?"

"Gosh.." Beetlejuice said, "You really know how to make a guy blush…" With that he turned into the actual makeup compact.

"Heeheehee…" Lydia giggled and then looked at him, "Now, stop messing around. I'm trying to get ready."

He leaned halfway out of the mirror and folded his arms and resting a cheek on a hand, "For what, Lyds? Got a hot date…?" Just then, he caught on fire and screamed.

Lydia screamed a little but quickly found a nearby vase and dumped the water from it on him to put him out.

"Whoa…" Beetlejuice said, now covered with scorch marks, "Hope this doesn't mean I'm fired…"

Lydia shook her head and raised her hands, "You have got to be more careful!"

Beetlejuice closed his eyes and pointed to himself, "I'm always careful!"

Lydia looked to the side and replied sarcastically, "I'm sure…" She walked over the side of her bed and slipped her shoes on. She started to answer his previous question, "I'm going out shooting today…" Before He could even respond, she said, "…Photos, Beetlejuice…" Lydia grabbed her camera from off her desk.

"Oh, I see…Well, hope ya have fun—" Beetlejuice replied, seeming like he was trying to get out of it.

Lydia yanked on his tie, as she saw him trying to go back into the mirror, "Just where do you think you're going…?"

He choked a little, "Ack…crazy?"

"You promised you would help me take some photos for the Photography Show!" Lydia reminded.
Beetlejuice laughed, "Did I say that…?"

"Yes!" She yelled, pulling him out of the mirror and he landed on floor in a sitting position. "Unless, you want me to turn you in…right now…"

Beetlejuice turned his head far to the right, still looking at her, "You know, you can be downright scary when you wanna be…But Lyds! If I go out there, I'll basically be turning myself in!"

     Lydia looked to the side and saw the mask she had picked out for him sitting on her desk. She walked over to it and picked the mask up. She placed it on his face and then fixed his hair again, "Not with this disguise! You gotta trust me! It's gonna work!"

"Are you sure?" He asked, putting the white hat back on his head

     She gave him a cheesy, assuring smile while thinking 'I sure hope so…' She couldn't blame him. Even Lydia, herself, was a little doubtful. She hoped everyone just wouldn't notice him. But then again, Beetlejuice is Beetlejuice. Who wouldn't notice that personality? Well, there was one way to find out!

Lydia walked over to her door and opened it. She looked back at her new friend and gestured for him to follow, "Well, It's now or never"

"…Never sounds promising…" Beetlejuice mumbled with his hands in his pockets. He followed anyway. He hoped he wasn't making a terrible mistake trusting this girl. For all he knew, she could be leading him straight to the police.

Still, he followed, hoping for the best. It wasn't like he had a choice. Lydia looked back at him and could tell he was worried.

'I guess he has every right to be…' Lydia thought, 'But I'm gonna do my best to protect him…'


     They reached the main street, loaded with people, restaurants and different kinds of shops. It made him a little nervous and excited at the same time but as they continued walking, there was no suspicion. Lydia's heartbeat calmed down noticing this. She was worried, herself, but seeing everyone else's reactions, her worries subsided.

She elbowed her friend and whispered, "See? I told you there was nothing to be worried about!"

"Well, that's a horse of a different color…" All of a sudden, a rainbow colored horse walked by. He scratched his head and shrugged, "Okay, maybe one too many colors!"
"Oh, Beetlejuice…" Lydia laughed

Beetlejuice instantly covered her mouth and her eyes widened, blinking a few times, "Watch it on the name, Babes! You'll blow my cover!" Suddenly a book appeared in Lydia's hands that read 'Mr. Beetleman'

He removed his hand and she smiled, "My apologies, Mr. Beetleman " She then lowered her voice. She covered one side of her mouth with a hand, "Might I also remind you to lay off the puns while there are people around…"

He threw his hands up, "I can't help it! They just come to me naturally!"

Lydia just shook her head and began to walk forward. Just then, someone passing by violently bumped her shoulder and she tumbled backward, into Beetlejuice. He glared at the girl.

Lydia glared a little, "Well, that was a little rude…"

After hearing that, the blonde girl turned around. "Oh, my! Is that, like, Miss Deetz?" She walked up to Lydia who was brushing herself off.

"Hello, Clare…" Lydia said, a little bit above a mumble.

     Clare was about Lydia's height but had to be the complete opposite of her. She had big, poofy blonde hair that had a frilly bow on one side. Her skin was very tan and she had blue eyes with pink eye shadow. Her outfit consisted of a fashionable, hot pink dress with a satin bow on one side, with the tails drooping to her feet. Around her neck and wrist were a sparkly necklace and matching bracelet.

Clare looked at her with a smirk then looked up at Beetlejuice and cringed, "Like, ewww, who is that?!"

Lydia just wanted to slap Clare sometimes, even though she knew it wasn't right. But she knew the best thing to do was just ignore her insults and try her best to get along with her.

"Clare, this is my friend, Beetle---uh, Mr. Beetleman…" Lydia said, waving towards Beetlejuice, "Mr. Beetleman, this is Clare. I go to school with her."

A plain look of hate was just on his face. But for Lydia's sake, he allowed a slight wave and said "Hi. How ya doin…"

"He's my photography assistant!" Lydia added.

Clare rolled her eyes, "Like, you are still on that? Haven't you, like, realized yet that you have no talent? Especially, when you're going up against me?"

"Against you? What are you talking about?" Lydia asked, confused.

Clare closed her eyes and snapped her fingers with a smirk, "Boys!"

     In a flash, three fancy looking men showed up. They all had really expensive looking cameras. This had Lydia glancing down at her own camera, which was nothing special. She looked back up and gave Clare a questioning look.

"Daddy hired these guys to do all the work for me. So, I can spend the time doing important things…Like, shopping, getting pedicures and well, looking in the mirror! I have a busy schedule, you know!"

Lydia looked appalled, "Clare! That's cheating! Besides, how can you feel good about entering pictures you know you didn't take yourself?"

"Like, who cares? It's just a lame contest…" Clare replied, fixing her hair.

"Well, if it's so 'lame', then why are you entering?" Lydia was curious.

Clare smirked and got up in her face, "I don't really care about winning that contest. I just, like,  wanna make sure you don't win, Lydia…"

     Lydia was taken aback, looking at Clare with such a shocked face. How could she be so mean? What had Lydia ever done to her to deserve this? Beetlejuice looked at Lydia and got angry. He hated how Clare had been treating her. Lydia seemed like a relatively good person. I mean, she took in and offered to hide a criminal! But, This Clare...He barely heard her talk for five minutes and he already hated her. A Grinch-like smile appeared on his face at this thought. He hated her...And what did he do to people he hated? It could be summed up into two words, I think; Iiiit's Showtime…


So much more was gonna be in this chapter but all the ideas I have would have made it too long and I'm trying to keep the lengths consistent. But atleast we're getting somewhere! X333 Happy face! More soon!! *goes off to write more*
Un Coléoptère Dans La Neitherworld

Summary: A Monster In Paris, Beetlejuice Style...A/U

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Your right when hes fixing to do some pranking or whatever he says "Iiittttt'sss show time!"
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8D Haha, indeed!
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