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Chapter 16 XD Man, this thing is getting long. Hope you gaiz don't mind. I am having too much fun with this. OwO Now, this one should have cuteness! Enjoy!


     And so, Beetlejuice and Lydia danced along with everyone else. Lydia had even playfully stolen his hat and he was just amused. Lydia could be so cute sometimes! Beetlejuice didn't even mind having that thought about her. Normally, things cute, cuddly, pretty, nice, sweet, any good adjective you could think of, he hated! But Lydia was all of these things and somehow, he didn't mind. She just gave him such a good feeling inside. He loved being with her. He was glad he was able to convince her to come out tonight. They were having the time of their lives (well, his afterlife, but you get it…)

     A few minutes later, Beetlejuice went off to get something to drink. Lydia laughed, thinking he probably went to get a refill of the drink he had earlier. He'd invited her to join him but she wouldn't be making that mistake again. Besides, he said he'd be right back anyway. Lydia smiled as she stroked the brim of the white hat she was now wearing. She was having such a great time. Beetlejuice sure knew how to party! She couldn't believe she almost hadn't come.

     She folded her hands and looked up at the ceiling with an admiring look. 'Oh, Beetlejuice…' She thought to herself. She closed her eyes and images of him flooded her mind. He really was such a great guy. Her heart just jumped with excitement when she thought about him. He totally brightened up her dull, dull life and she could never repay him for that. Lydia found herself spinning around in a love daze, blushing slightly.

"Ooh!" She said, stopping herself as she bumped into someone.

It was some really slimy, wobbly Neitherworldian creature. He had large green eyebrows and blue lips. He slobbered and slurred as he talked. "Hey!"

Lydia fixed the hat she was wearing, which slid forward a bit because it was a little big for her. With one lift, she managed to get it to sit on her head without moving much. She gave a small laugh, finding this guy a little creepy, and not in the good way. "Ehehe…sorry!"

The creature lifted an eyebrow as he examined Lydia. He drooled a little slime as a smile came to his face. Lydia swallowed, fearing what was next. She backed up slowly; trying to get away from him. Just then, he grabbed her hand causing her to scream a little.

"Whas yer name…? Do you dance…?" He asked, spitting with each word.

Lydia squinted a little and wiped off her face. She wanted to get away from this guy but she also didn't want to be rude either. She cleared her throat and thought of something to say.

"Oh…um…well, I'm Lydia! And yes, I do…" She answered honestly, "But, ah, hehehe, I'm kinda waiting on somebody! My…friend!"

He obviously didn't believe her. He thought she was just playing hard to get. Really hard to get, he observed as she began to run away. He slithered after her, though. His wobbly arms outstretched and wrapped around her tightly.

"Eeew…" Lydia stated. It felt disgusting; like being held by mud or something grosser. She tried being polite after struggling a few times, "Uh, could you let go of me, please?"

"Not until you say you'll dance with me!" the creature threatened.

Lydia glared and then spoke, "Why would I ever dance with such a pushy partner…?"

He got in her face with an even creepier glare and she laughed nervously, changing her tone, ", now…Let's not be hasty!"

It looked like he was going to do something. She didn't know what but was scared to find out. She tried pushing his face away; possibly using it as leverage to lift herself out of his grip.

"Hey!" came a voice.

Both Lydia and the creature stopped what they were doing to look in the direction of the voice. Lydia was relieved; It was Beetlejuice!

"Got a problem?" The creature spat, holding Lydia closer to him.

Beetlejuice snarled slightly, "Actually, yeah!" His frown turned into a smirk and he jammed a hand into his coat pocket, "Good thing I brought my Problem Solver! "

     He pulled out a giant mallet with the words 'Problem Solver' in red print. He laughed maniacally as he lifted it up high, floating a bit with his legs in the air. The creature had dropped Lydia in fear as the hammer came down on him, smashing him into a flat, disc version of himself. Beetlejuice tossed the large mallet behind him and sighed in satisfaction. He picked up the slimy creature who was now a disc and flung him across the room like he was a Frisbee.

"That guy can really fly!" Beetlejuice commented as he watched the disc go further and further away. "Whoa…!" He was taken out of the moment when he felt Lydia grab his hand and pull him away.

     She was dancing and he gave a laugh and began dancing along with her. She thanked him for getting rid of the creep but sadly, it wouldn't last; as the creature landed, spinning around a few times as a disc, he popped back into his usual, slimy form. He was dizzy for a second but then regained his composure. He sat up and looked around and across the floor, he spotted Beetlejuice and Lydia. They were smiling and Beetlejuice was making her laugh. She looked so happy. This made the creature angry, for he had his sights set on Lydia. He began to slither back to the area.

     The two friends were completely unaware. They were just having a great time dancing together. Beetlejuice dipped her and she giggled. He brought her back up and they continued. He spun her around a few times and soon after, the song ended.

"Let's do one more!" Lydia suggested as the next song began.

"You bet!" Beetlejuice agreed and then laughed, elbowing her, "Just kidding, you're too young to gamble…"

     Lydia rolled her eyes and shook her head in an amused way. So, they started their dance. Beetlejuice and Lydia were halfway through it when the slimy creature slithered up. Beetlejuice didn't notice. He was too busy staring at Lydia who looked so happy. That look; that's what he wanted. Her to always have that look on her face.

"You know, Lyds…" He began but was violently shoved back, "EEEEYAH!...Oof!" He landed on his back.

"I'm cutting in!" The creature yelled

Beetlejuice propped himself up with his elbows, "Why I oughta---"

The creature spun her around a few times but Lydia totally wasn't into him.

"C'mon, girl! Let's dance!" He said.

     Lydia looked back a Beetlejuice who looked annoyed as he managed to sit up. It angered her for someone to treat him like that and even more so that this guy wouldn't take 'No' for an answer. He gave her no choice. She gritted her teeth and doubled up her fist, punching him straight on the nose, making him fly back and onto the floor.

     Beetlejuice's jaw dropped at the sight. He saw her walking towards him, clapping her hands up and down. He didn't know what to say. He was just flabbergasted. She flashed a sweet smile and placed his white hat back on his head. Lydia then offered a hand to help him up. He blinked at her a moment and then took it, staring at her the whole way up. Once standing again, he brushed his coat off.

"Wow, Babes!" He exclaimed, arms open, "That was quite a punch!" He changed into a bowl of red punch and then into a can of cream, "You really creamed him!"

Lydia laughed, "Haha, Thanks, Bee---ah, Mr Beetleman!" She continued, "But, really, it was nothing!"

Beetlejuice smirked and crossed his arms, "Someone's not so nice, after all! I must be rubbin' off on ya!"

Lydia placed her hands on her sides and shook her head, "Oh, no…that's not it. I just don't like seeing anyone hurting the people I care about!"

Beetlejuice blinked, "You care about me…?"

Lydia giggled as if he sounded silly asking, "Of course, I do! I told you that! You're my best friend! Come on!" She dragged him into the middle of the floor so that they could dance some more.

     He danced with her but his mind kept going to that previous statement. She cared about him. Cared about him. Sure, she told him before but he just couldn't wrap his mind around it. Well expected from a person who is used to nothing but hate. He cared about her, too! That was something else he couldn't wrap his mind around. How did he come to care about someone other than himself? It was just so strange. His afterlife had changed so much! He went from being a self-sufficient ghoul to a ghost that couldn't picture his afterlife without this girl by his side.

     All these thoughts sent him into a trance and as he held onto Lydia, the two of them were floating on air; literally! His feelings were translated subconsciously by his powers and they found they were dancing mid-air.

     After a second, Lydia noticed how high up they were and clutched his jacket as she looked down. She felt his hand over hers and stared up at him.

He gave an optimistic smile, "Reeelax, will ya!? You won't fall"

A small blush flew across Lydia's face and she thought, 'I think I already have…'

That thought made her eyes widen in shock. He looked at her and freaked out.

He began looking in every which direction, "What? What? What!?" When he saw nothing suspicious or threatening, he looked back at her, "What's up, Lyds? You look like you've seen a ghost!"

      He paused for a moment and then cracked up laughing at his last statement. It was true and that made it hilarious to him. She laughed nervously at his joke, trying to get the apparent blush off her face. Goodness, why did she just think that? Her falling for Beetlejuice? No! Of course not. That was silly.

'Wasn't it…?' She thought as he twirled her a bit and held her close. Lydia spun around to look at him. He just floated there, just as she, with that goofy Beetlejuice grin on his face. Her expression got sweet and she placed a hand on the side of her face and a small sigh of adoration escaped her lips as she thought:

Maybe it's not…


Yes, this chapter is just straight up fluff that is all over the place XD This is where most the fluff of the story takes place so I was really looking forward to writing these scenes. One scene which was inspired by a song XD

More fluff is on the way! I know some of you have been looking forward to the cute stuff. Sorry I took so long to update!! <3 More soon!
Un Coléoptère Dans La Neitherworld

Summary: A Monster In Paris, Beetlejuice Style...A/U

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