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Chapter 14 is here! XD Yay! This story sure if getting long but I'm loving it! Things are getting interesting OwO Enjoy


     It had been quite a while. Lydia hadn't heard or seen Vince or the Mayor since that day. This calmed her quite a bit. So much that she almost forgot that day even happened. She hadn't told Beetlejuice about it and it looked like she wouldn't have to. He was definitely doing a great job blending into town, anyway. The Photo Show was coming up and Lydia was excited for that. Lydia's photos were almost all complete. However, that wasn't what she was up to right now. Right now, she was doing homework in the living room, sitting on the couch.

     Just then, her head shot up from her papers when she saw the door fly open. After a second or two she giggled as Beetlejuice came dancing in in a goofy way. The door shut by itself but he continued.

She stopped laughing and then asked, "What's with you…?"

He moonwalked backwards but then lost his footing and fell on his back. He sat up slightly, propped up by his arms, "Ah, I got the music in me!" He opened his chest like a door and music notes flew out with a very danceable beat.

She was taken off guard as he stood up instantly and yanked her off the couch to her feet. She let out a small "Whoa!" He remained holding both of her hands with an optimistic expression

"Come dancing with me!" He requested, shutting his chest closed. "We'll have a blast!" He screamed as he exploded with a loud boom.

     She gasped and looked away, shielding her eyes from the explosion. When she looked again, she saw pieces of ash falling from the sky and making a pile on the floor. The pile had Beetlejuice's eyes and mouth and he groaned.

Lydia shrugged and she blinked at him, "Where…?"

In a flash of light, he appeared back to normal in front of her with his arms up, lifting a foot, "Only the best Night Club in the entire Neitherworld!" A giant club appeared above him and began pounding him into the floor. Him yelling "Ouch!" with each pound.

Lydia went over to her homework and began stacking the papers. She spoke with amusement in her voice, "I can't go to a night club! I'm too young!"

Beetlejuice stood in front of her once more and pointed a finger at her, "Not in the Central Neitherworld…"

Oh, how he tempted her with that. She wanted to go but she had other responsibilities She shook her head and sat back on the couch, "I can't, Beetlejuice…I have homework!"

He placed his hands on his sides, "Come on! It's Friday! Everyone knows you're supposed to do your homework at the last minute!"

Lydia laughed and spoke sarcastically, "And I'm sure you did wonderfully in school with that!"

He wiped his nails on his coat and looked proud, "D average, thank you very much!"

She rested her cheek on a hand and wore a humoring smile, "Sorry I doubted you…" After a moment, her head was lowered and she had gotten back to writing.

     Beetlejuice frowned but then smiled. He got down on one knee and placed his hand under Lydia's chin. It startled her slightly and she looked up at him. He gave her the sweetest smile she had ever seen. She just loved his crooked grin.

"C'mooon! It'll be fun!" He took his hand back and placed it on his knee, "For meeeeeeee?! Babes, don't make me beg!" He changed into a dog and got up on her in a begging position.

     Lydia pet him and then rolled her eyes to the side, leaning back in her seat. He changed back to normal and sat next to her with his legs crossed. Her wall was beginning to break down. It did sound like fun and she'd get to see the Central Neitherworld again. But should Beetlejuice really be going out in public so much? He still was very wanted…and not in the good way!

"Beetlejuice, aren't you supposed to be hiding out?" Lydia said.

He stood up and yelled, "All this being cooped up is making me stir crazy!" He disappeared and a giant teacup with a spoon appeared, stirring really fast.

When he reappeared, he fell to the floor, dripping with tea. Lydia looked at him with thought. She glanced upward and bit her lip. After a second or two, her mind was made up.

Lydia stood and gave a shrug and a smile, "Okay, Beej! You've won me over!"

He threw magic at her and she gasped as she was sitting now in a giant trophy. He hugged it and exclaimed, "Alriiiight!"

     She had to giggle. Lydia was unsure at first but was now glad she was going. It'll be nice to go out with Beetlejuice in a place where she didn't really have to worry about weirdness giving him away. The Central Neitherworld was Weirdness Central! This would be great!


     Hours passed and it was finally time to go. Lydia made sure to leave a note for her parents saying she was sleeping over at a friend's. She felt bad not having their permission but what would she say…"Hi Mom and Dad! Can I go to a Night Club in the Central Neitherworld?" No way! She loved everything about The Central Neitherworld. It was so freaky and had everything that interested her. They wouldn't understand. So, she allowed her guilt to subside.

Beetlejuice was waiting at the bottom of the steps. He tapped his foot as he waited for her. After a few minutes he shouted up the stairs, "Lyds! The clock is tickin'!" Suddenly, a large clock appeared yelling "TickTickTickTick!"

It disappeared when he heard her voice.

"Alright, Alright! I'm coming!" Lydia laughed.

He still tapped his foot as he heard her footsteps on the stairs. "If you don't---" Beetlejuice stopped mid-sentence as she reached the fifth to last step. She was in that red, spider web dress she had bought that day in the Central Neitherworld. He was just frozen as he stared at her.

Lydia didn't notice, though, and just looked down at her clothes. She smiled, "I figured it would be appropriate seeing as we're going to The Central Neitherworld!" Lydia giggled, "I'll blend in! Hahaha…"

She heard absolutely no comments from Beetlejuice. That didn't seem like him so she raised her head and saw him just staring at her, wide-eyed.

Lydia gave a concerned look and said, "Beetlejuice…?" She then looked down at herself and realized what he must be looking at. She played with the fabric of her dress, "Oh! It's too much, isn't it…?"

His face blushed wildly as he snapped back into reality. He shook his head really fast, "No..No! I mean, wow, Babes!" He placed a hand on top of his hat, "You look…hmm…what's an adjective that isn't disgusting…."

Lydia giggled. Was he trying to compliment her?

He scratched his head and then threw up an arm, pointing when he had something, "Uh, amazing! Wonderful!" He couldn't even believe that he said this next word without puking, "Beautiful!" He gave a loving sigh, "Sooo…beautiful…"

     Lydia's eyes widened and her head jolted up a bit. A blush flew across her face and Beetlejuice worried he'd said the wrong thing and blushed as well. This was just all so awkward, especially for Beetlejuice. He just was not good at this nice thing. Why was he saying and thinking such strange things? Why was he feeling so strange inside whenever he saw Lydia…? Whenever she flashed a smile, when she hugged him or gave him a compliment…It made him feel so good inside. It made him feel just as satisfied as being rotten…All of these thoughts almost made his head spin. He hoped he hadn't freaked her out. Suddenly, he heard laughter and looked at her with a "Huh?"

Her hands were folded and she was smiling, "I said, thanks for the compliment!" She walked past him a bit and looked back at him, "You don't look so bad yourself!"

Beetlejuice's eyes widened, "I don't?! What a bummer!" He place a hand under his chin, "I wonder if I have time for one more sludge bath…extra slime this time…"

Lydia laughed and said, "Yuck!" After that, she grabbed his arm. "I was just saying you look…" Lydia tried to think of a word that wouldn't sound insulting to him, "…grossly attractive!"

"Awww, you're just saying that!" He appeared as a magnet with slime all over it.

Lydia replied, "I mean it!...Believe me…"

His voice gained a fancy tone, "Why, Thank you, my dear…" Beetlejuice offered his arm. She gladly took it and they walked out the door.


Once outside, he took his arm back and gestured towards Doomie with both arms, "Your Vespa awaits…" He sounded almost romantic but then looked down at a watch that appeared on his wrist, "Seriously, ah, he's been waiting for 45 minutes…hahahehah…"

Lydia gave a giggle and pet the Vespa. She spoke in a humorous tone "So sorry to keep you waiting, Doomie!"

"Meeep, Meeeep!" was Doomie's reply as she sat down on him.

Lydia looked up at him, "Come on, Beetlejuice…" She gestured for him to sit, "I'm so excited to see the Central Neitherworld again! Especially at night!"

Beetlejuice smiled and sat in front of her. He set his hands on the handlebars, "Oh, trust me! You'll just loooove the night life! Pfft! Afterlife, hahaha…"

"Sounds freaktastic!" Lydia said, wrapping her arms around Beetlejuice's waist, "I can't wait till we get there!"

Doomie vroomed as Beetlejuice cranked the handlebars. After a second or two, he took off with Beetlejuice shouting "Here we goooo!!"

Lydia had to let out a "Whee! Hahaha" as they took off.

     Doomie was the coolest ride ever in her opinion. She loved riding with Beetlejuice. It was just so much fun. It made her blush slightly that one of the reasons was being able to hold onto him like this. He just felt so comfy to her. Beetlejuice, himself, couldn't deny he liked it too. He loved the feeling of being held by her. It just gave him a warm feeling inside. As much as he tried to shake off and forget this feeling he was having about her, it always came back. Kinda like a bad rash! Beetlejuice laughed at that thought. How romantic. He was comparing Lydia to a skin ailment!

'Well, Lydia…' Beetlejuice thought to himself as he focused on the road, 'If you are a rash, I hope you never go away!' He cranked Doomie's handlebars once more and speed picked up immensely and they disappeared into the night.


I'm a sucker for fluff…especially between these two!! XDDD Told you it was coming…I am corny, yes I know <3 But it's cute…and the next chapter will be laced with even more cuteness

More soon!
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LydiaGoth333 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Awwwww!!!I love Lydia and BeetleJuice fluff!!!!This whole chapter is sooooo cute!!!:)
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I liiiive for fluff
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