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I hope I didn't make you guys wait too long! X3 Looking forward to this chapter. Should be fun. It's probably not what you expect tho XD


     So, there he was, out in the dark once more. It was just like that night they met but without the rain. He was on his own. Beetlejuice was beginning to feel sad. He removed his hat and clutched tightly as he wondered around the town, aimlessly. Suddenly, his defense system began to kick in. He roughly put his hat back on his head and folded his arms.

"Ha! What am I sad for?! I don't—I didn't need her!" He assured himself and then threw his hands in the air, "All she did was hold me back! Do this! Don't do that! Yadda, yadda, yadda!" He turned around and spoke in a mocking tone, "Don't use your magic in public! Stop doing pranks like….this! " Beetlejuice then threw some magic at a car, turning it into a large roller-skate, "You'll get in troooouble…Ha! What a laugh"

Just then, he froze in his tracks when he heard a police siren. He slowly turned around and noticed where it was coming from. It was the roller-skate. There were flashing lights on top of them.

"That was a cop car, wasn't it…?" Beetlejuice said with defeat.

The sirens sounded louder and louder so he took this time to run away screaming. He found safety as he dashed in a nearby alleyway. He breathed heavy as he leaned against the wall.

"Boy, that was a close one!" He sighed in relief and the wall of the building in front of him grew and smashed him against the wall he was leaning on. He spoke with an injured voice, "'Course…not as close as thiiiis…"

     With that, the walls turned back to normal and he fell into a sitting position, looking flatter than an ironing board. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and blew until he popped back into shape.

He stared up, annoyed, "Dontcha just hate when the walls close in on ya…?"

He just sat there for a minute or two. It was then that he heard the sound of a vehicle. He gasped, thinking it might be the police.

Beetlejuice sighed in relief at the sight of his Vespa. Doomie drove into the alleyway and next to his sitting owner.

Doomie beeped and made other motor-like noises, as if he was talking. Beetlejuice sighed at Doomie's 'words'. He seemed to be asking about Lydia.

Beetlejuice placed a hand on top of his head and wore an upset expression, "Gee, Doomie! Don't I feel stupid!? As much as it kills me…again…to say it, Lyds was right!" He glanced out of the alley for a second but then quickly returned to his previous position. "Pranks are giving me away!" He popped out of a present, "She was trying to help me and I let her down!...I've never felt so low…" He literally deflated.

Doomie began to beep and make sounds again.

Beetlejuice instantly inflated and wore a shocked face, "Apooologize?! Your motor's musta been runnin' too long! I don't even know the meaning of that word!" He paused, "Come to think of it, there's a lot of words I don't know the meaning of."

     Suddenly he heard a whistling noise and looked above, letting out a scream as he was smashed by a giant dictionary. He pushed it off him and the book opened. Intrigued, he read the opened entry. One of the top words

"Hmm... 'Best Friend - the one friend who is closest to you. A person you know well and regard with affection and… trust" He stared up with shock as he read the last word, "I'm a looousy best friend!"

Doomie tried nudging and comforting him. He then drove in front on him, signaling for Beetlejuice to get on. Beetlejuice just shook his head and lifted a hand "Face it, Doom-a-roo, Lydia doesn't want anything to do with me!"

Doomie made a sad sounding motor noise as he stared sympathetically at the depressed ghost.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaah!!!" Beetlejuice cried like a baby. He lost the only friend he's ever had and it was all his fault.


    Lydia woke up the next day. She wondered about the events of last night. After she was able to shake off the sleepiness, she remembered dinner…and the fight. She had told her parents some type of excuse that they justifiably believed and told them Mr. Beetleman had business to attend to elsewhere. She got ready for school. Her uniform consisted of a short blue green jacket and white blouse with a thick black tie. She also wore a dark, knee-length skirt that had some ruffle to it. Above her skirt was a sash that matched the color of her jacket and had a spider charm clipped to it. On her feet she wore almost knee-high dark gray socks with black shoes.

     Lydia woke up pretty early so she still had some time to spare. So, she decided to go down to her dark room. Developing some of her photos would cheer her up. She spent quite a bit of time down there. The first one she got to do was the really spooky tree. That definitely made her smile. It looked sooo cool! Lydia turned around and squinted at the clock on the wall. She had time for one more before school began.
She wasn't quite sure what this next one was. But she did everything she had to, to figure it out.

"Now, let's see what you are…" She used tongs to pick up her wet photo. When she saw what it was, she almost dropped it. It…was that photo. The last photo Lydia had taken with her camera and the first picture of her and Beetlejuice.

"First…" She laughed bitterly, "..Probably the last…" Lydia hung the picture on the line with a clip. She folded her arms and looked to the side, "I guess I was a little harsh on him. I shouldn't have kicked him out like that…" Lydia even gave a small giggle as she thought of his prank, "I guess it was kinda funny…"

She paused for a moment and then had a thought. She made a determined fist, "I know! I'll go looking for him!"

"Lyyyyydiaaaa!" came Delia's shrill voice.

Lydia looked to the side and gave a sigh, "…Aaafter school…"


     It was a normal school day; boring beyond belief. Lydia just wanted it to be over. She had no friends and was constantly teased by Clare. She found herself drawing creepy doodles in her book. She drew some spiders, cobwebs and then finally a generic ghost. Then she began drawing a picture of her and Beetlejuice next to each other. It wasn't very good but it definitely made her smile. Everything would be okay! She just knew it! Hearing her teacher's voice get louder, she instantly changed the page in her notebook and began taking down notes.

Time had passed and it was their study period. Clare took this moment to harass Lydia.

"Why, heeeello, Deetz…" She spoke

"Clare, we're supposed to be studying!" Lydia said in a loud whisper.

Clare just ignored her though, "Sooo, like, how goes your photography with that smelly, old guy?"

Lydia glared and she held back all the ways she wanted to insult her. You could hear the hesitation in her voice, "…Just fine"

Clare gestured to herself, "Well, miiine is going, like, great! I have so many photos that I can't count…"

Lydia sighed and rested her head on a hand. She said quietly, "That would be difficult for you…"

Then she was taken by surprise when the blonde girl poked her and said, "How many have you gotten done…"

"Uh…T-two…" Lydia's voice sounded nervous.

Clare giggled nastily, "What a laugh! Only two!" She looked back at friends of hers, "What a loser!"

Lydia glared and bit her bottom lip. She stood up quickly, making Clare step back a bit. "I'll have you know, I have dozens of photos! Photos I actually took myself! And they are the freakiest!"

"Is that so…?" Clare's eyes narrowed.

Lydia nodded.

"Then, like, bring them to school tomorrow! Prove it! We'll see whose better!"

"Okay!" Lydia agreed.

Clare sat back in her seat and an innocent look came to her face. She raised her hand and Lydia's face gained a confused look, "Oh, Miss Shannon!"

"Yes, Miss Brewster?" said the red-headed teacher as she looked up from her papers.

Clare pointed at Lydia who was still standing up, "Like, Lydia is bothering me while I am trying to study…"

Lydia was frozen in place and her jaw dropped.

"Miss Deetz!" Miss Shannon yelled.

"No…No! It wasn't…" Lydia protested.

"Lydia!" Her teacher replied. "No back talk! You know this is study period. Chat is for after school…"

"But! But!" Lydia tried to explain but her teacher wasn't giving her a chance. She pointed to the door.

"To the office!"

Lydia wanted to fight and tell her that it was Clare but what was the point? She wasn't listening. Lydia heaved a heavy sigh, grabbed her books and went.


She got a stern talking to, which she definitely didn't deserve but she complied and got out just by the time school was over. She exited the building and that's when she was greeted by an insanely loud sound; Sirens. Lydia jumped back as a fast moving row of cop cars zoomed past her. There was one parked near the sidewalk. Lydia lifted a hand and glanced at it with slight curiosity. She crept closer.

She could hear some voices coming from a radio:

We are in heavy pursuit of the Central Neitherworld Entity…I repeat, We have found him and are closing in. He is riding a dull, yellow Vespa…

"Pull over!"



Lydia jumped and her eyes widened, "That's Beetlejuice! Oh, no!" She brought both hands up to her face, "I just knew he'd get himself into trouble!"

Lydia took off running. She was running so fast that she didn't notice when she accidentally rammed into someone. She fell back with eyes tightened. Lydia shook her head and then looked ahead to see what had happened. She gasped when she saw a boy who seemed to be her age, on the floor. Lydia ran to help him up.

"So sorry! I should have been looking where I was going" Lydia apologized.

The boy dusted himself off, "Oh, It's quite alright…" He then looked up at Lydia and froze.

Lydia blinked at him, he just seemed to be staring at her. She felt awkward so she held out her hand, "Uh…I'm Lydia! Hehe…"

He grabbed her hand but not in the way she expected. He got on one knee and kissed it. Lydia's eyes widened and she lifted a hand to her face.

The boy looked up at her, "Lydia…What a sweet name, for an equally sweet girl!"

This boy sure was a charmer! She just kept looking at the direction she needed to go. Beetlejuice needed her help. But she couldn't just leave; it would look strange and not to mention rude.

The dark haired boy spoke again, "My name is Vince!"

Lydia took her hand back and laughed nervously, "It's very nice to meet you!" She observed him, "Hmm…" Lydia circled him.

"Umm…What…?" He wondered.

"Oh, sorry…It's just you…You're not from around here, are you…?" Lydia asked.

Vince gave a small laugh. This girl really lifted his spirits, "Is it that obvious…? I am from the Central Neitherworld. I am Prince Vince, The Prince of The Neitherworld…" He explained.

Her eyes widened as she viewed his crown, "Oh, your highness!" She bowed for him.

      She wondered what another Neitherworld entity was doing here. Were they trying to take over the Living colony by sending one Central Neitherworld inhabitant at a time? So many questions were in her mind. But she didn't have time for this right now! She had to go; Beetlejuice needed her!

She gave another curtsy and told him, "Sorry to leave so quickly but I gotta go!" Lydia waved and began to run again.

"Sweet Lydia!" Prince Vince called in a pleading and almost sorrowful way. A cloud began to form over his head, "Wait!"

Lydia gazed back at him with confusion.

"Will I ever see you again?!" He asked, hopefully.

"Sure! As long as you're in Peaceful Pines!" Lydia promised and then continued to run off.

     A smile came to Vince's face and he set a hand over his heart. He gave a loving sigh and the cloud above his head disappeared. In just under a minute, this young girl had stolen his heart and he was determined to take hers. But…Unbeknownst to Lydia, Vince is the one who is trying to get rid of Beetlejuice. Her mere introduction to him may have compromised her best friend's safety. This can't be good…


And that's another chapter! XD Uh-oh! Things are about to get very interesting, especially since now Vince is in the mix! XD Well, since Beetlejuice is our Francoeur, no doubt Vince would have to be our Raoul...
Un Coléoptère Dans La Neitherworld

Summary: A Monster In Paris, Beetlejuice Style...A/U

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