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Lydia looked exhausted but she was still running away from the Sandworms. She reached a dead end. It was a huge piece of land. Her eyes widened as she pounded it, “Uh-oh…” She turned around slowly to see the Sandworms looking at her with sharp-toothed grins, some licking their lips.

“Look!” She yelled, “I told you! I can’t do that for you! Be reasonable! I--” Lydia was cut off by a Sandworm charging at her and she dodged with a scream.

Lydia tried getting away from them. She began climbing the piece of land as fast as she could. After a few seconds, she reached the top. Lydia was a bit out of breath now and let out a tired sigh. She blinked a few times. Her eyes widened as she looked below the other side of the land form.

“BEETLEJUICE?!” She yelled in shock.

Beetlejuice looked up at her and gave a happy yet at the same time nervous smile, “Lyds! How’s it going...? hehehe”

“I think I’ve seen better days…” Lydia sighed but then looked at him again and the shocked feeling came back, “You’re here?!”

Beetlejuice stood up and raised his arms defensively, “I was coming to save you, honest!! I just got a little…sidetracked” He changed into a large railroad sign.

Lydia laughed a little but that was followed by a scream as she was pulled away by a couple Sandworms. Beetlejuice gasped and changed back to normal, clambering up the rock she had been sitting on. He looked on and notice that two worms were handing onto her with each side of her poncho in their teeth.

Beetlejuice put his hands on his head. “Hold on, Babes!!” The ghost yelled,

Lydia blinked a few times and was almost on the brink of unconsciousness. She let out a small, tired sigh, “Ah…Beetlejuice…”

Beetlejuice glared up at the Sandworms and shook his fists, “That’s it!!” He began rolling up his sleeves, “No more Mr. Nice ghost!!”

“Ah, Beetlejuice!” A different Sandworm said coming up to him. “So we meet again. We’ve missed you down here!”

Beetlejuice groaned and looked to the side, “Talking Sandworms…You know I hate ‘em!” He looked back up at the Sandworms, “Now, you let go of Lydia right now before I--”

The smart Sandworm cut him off, “Before you what?”

Beetlejuice frowned but then gave a huge open mouthed smirk, “Before I get a bit…” He grew larger than the sandworm in size and was dressed in a lab coat, boots and gloves and he was holding a scalpel and dissection tray, “…TESTY!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

The Sandworm screamed and instantly slithered away in fear and Beetlejuice laughed again. There were two others besides the ones holding Lydia. Beetlejuice shrunk down to normal size and thought for a moment. A light bulb appeared above his head and then disappeared. The Ghost with the most transformed into a cowboy outfit and then spun around a lasso.

He giggled and ran at the two worms. The rope grew in size and tied itself around both of the worms really tightly. Beetlejuice dusted off his pants and pointed back at the Sandworms, “I just looooove hogtying things!” Pig snouts appeared on both Sandworms. They blinked and he spoke again as a branding iron appeared in his hand, “Now I gotta braaaaand ya….” Steam came out of the iron. Their eyes widened and they whimpered as they bounced away, still tied up.

Beetlejuice snapped his fingers and he changed back to normal. He looked over to the remaining two Sandworms hanging onto his friend. He gave them a sly look, “Whoooooo’s next…?”

These worms wanted no part in this and just instantly let go of Lydia and slithered away as fast as they could. Beetlejuice fell back and just kicked as he laughed at them. Just then, he looked up and noticed Lydia was falling.

His eyes jumped, “Aaaaaah!! Lyds!!” Beetlejuice flew over as fast as he could to catch her before she fell to the ground. He leaped and then luckily caught her before she fell so far. Beetlejuice set the two on the ground and then he stood up. He wiped sweat off his forehead, “Whew! Glad that’s over with!”

He took a breath and jumped as he screamed, “I HOPE YOU KNOW I HATE ALL SANDWORMS!!”

Just then, about ten or twelve Sandworms showed up instantly. Beetlejuice bit his lip and then let out a small, nervous laugh and gave a little wave. A second or two later, He picked up Lydia in his arms and began running off, “I haaaaaate this plaaaaace!!” Beetlejuice screamed as he ran.

He looked down at Lydia in his arms, “Uh, Lyyyyydia…I know you’ve been through a lot and all…BUT THIS IS NO TIME TO BE SLEEPING!!”

Beetlejuice looked back and noticed that they were still chasing him and he screamed and ran faster. He saw a large landform and smiled at it. The Ghost ran over there so quickly that the other Sandworms didn’t see where he’d gone and began going in the wrong direction.

Beetlejuice peaked out of the corner and sighed in relief and rested his head back on the rock he was hiding behind. He stood up and looked down at Lydia who still appeared to be asleep on the sandy ground. He then looked up at the rock they were behind. His eyes lit up. He found an escape hatch. “Alright!” He cheered.

Beetlejuice glance back down at Lydia, “Okay, Lyds, now would be a good time to wake up!”

Lydia didn’t respond. So Beetlejuice crouched down and put his hands on her shoulders. He began to shake her wildly, “Wake up!” She still didn’t stir and just fell back down to the same spot.

He changed into a band uniform with a bunch of instruments and began to play very loudly (and badly). He did that for a few minutes but she still didn’t move. Beetlejuice changed back to normal and looked on with a frustrated look. He rubbed his head and then got an idea.

A giant cup of water appeared in his hands, “Hehe, some people can sleep through anything…but no one can resist waking up when you splash water on their face!” He looked at the cup and then threw it behind him, “Ehh…Too puny…” He changed into a fireman outfit and brought a fire truck. He took the hose and cranked it on, “Wakey, wakey, Lydia!!” Beetlejuice sprayed her face with the water. “Now…” He laughed and made the truck disappear and juiced himself back into his suit.

The ghost looked down a Lydia and was shocked. Her eyes were still closed. He jumped up and down, throwing a temper tantrum, “You gotta be kidding me!!” He started pulling on his hair, “That should have done it for sure!!”

He stomped over to his best friend. He crouched down once more and looked down at Lydia’s face, “Okaaaaaaay, Babes, this isn’t funny anymore!”

Beetlejuice racked his brain. He couldn’t figure out what could possibly be wrong with his friend. Suddenly, he had a thought and he bit his hand. “Aaaaah!!” His head spun around wildly. He quickly helped Lydia sit up, “Lyds!! Come on, come on, come on…I know that’s not it right…You’re still alive…right?” He shook her a couple times.

She was still quiet.

Beetlejuice quickly stood and folded his arms, “Well this isn’t my fault! I never do anything wrong!”

He looked down at his friend who looked so helpless and innocent. He went back to Lydia and held her in his arms, “Okay…maybe it was my fault! But… I’m never wrong! It couldn’t have been...Err…” He gritted his teeth and tightened his eyes. “Lydia, come on!!” He really didn’t want to do what he was about to. “I reeeeeally don’t want to say it…No….Aaaah!!” He began to cry in that childlike way, “OKAY! I’M SORRRRRRRY!!”

Beetlejuice finally apologized. This was the first time being low didn’t feel good to him. He looked up to the sky as tears continued to fall from his eyes, “Well…” He sniffed and rubbed his eyes, “At least I finally admitted it…”

A couple seconds, there was a small cough. Lydia’s eyes opened slightly and a small, weak giggle was heard, “Wow…And here I thought I’d never get you to say that to me, Beej…!”

Beetlejuice’s eyes widened as he looked down at his best friend, “Babes!!” She smiled at him and he got a huge smile on his face. He changed into a boot and a bucket appeared in front of him, “Gosh, Babes! I thought you kicked the bucket!” then turned into a frog, “Y’know, croaked!” He changed back to normal and was about to change again when Lydia put a hand on his face.

“I think I get the picture, Beetlejuice!” Lydia giggled as she sat up, “I can’t believe you actually apologized!”

Beetlejuice blinked and ran a hand through his hair, “Neither can I…! I think I’m gonna be sick!” He stood.

Lydia smiled a tried to stand as well. Instead she found herself barely able and fell into her best friend, who caught her. She got slightly pink and her eyes widened a little wandering upward to peer into Beetlejuice’s. He merely laughed and he looked down at her, “Have a nice trip? Hahaha!”

Lydia giggled and didn’t reply. They just stared at each other. Beetlejuice began feeling a little awkward. If he had a beating heart, it would’ve been racing by now. He felt like he should say something. He wanted to tell her how he felt but if he was wrong, it would probably just make her feel worse than she was feeling right now.

“Hey, Babes…?” He began.

“Yeah?” Lydia smiled.

Beetlejuice separated from her, “What’s…” Lydia looked at him with confusion and he coughed into his fist, “What’s with the talking Sandworms…?”

Lydia put a hand to her face and her eyes bulged. She looked around her, “Oh no, The Sandworms!”

“Reeeelax, Babes!” He floated and laid back in midair, “I took care of those bozos!” All of a sudden, he turned into a clown and back.

Lydia pulled him down to the ground and looked at him, “No, you don’t understand! Those worms have been enhanced by that cereal! It made them smart!”

Beetlejuice put hands on his sides and narrowed his eyes, “Smart?!” He threw up his arms, “Ugh! That worm I talked to just was the stupidest thing I’ve ever talked to! And believe me, I know stupid!”

“I do…” Lydia answered.

“Hey…What’re ya trying to say…?” He looked over to her.

Lydia held up her hands defensively and laughed, “Ehehehe, Just kidding! But I think we should go find him!”

“What?!” Beetlejuice screamed, “Are you nuts?” Nuts fell down onto Lydia and she shook them away.

“No, BJ. I think if we talk to that worm, we can find a way to fix this!” She reasoned.

“Buuuuut, Lyds!!” His eyes drooped as he looked at her, “That thing drives me CRAZY!” Beetlejuice’s eyes narrowed and he took out a sheet of paper, “And I’m the one with the license to drive people crazy!”

Lydia shook her head and began pushing Beetlejuice in another direction, “Come on, BJ, It won’t be that bad…”

Beetlejuice twisted his head all the way around and gave Lydia an annoyed face, “You knoooow…This is no way to repay the guy who saved your life!”

Lydia laughed and twisted his head to the front again, “I save your life all the time, BJ! Well…afterlife…”

“I think I’m having a memory block…” Beetlejuice said and a large block came from the sky and fell onto his head, “Ouch!” He caught and threw it, “I’m so not in the mood for puns right now!!”

Beetlejuice sighed and looked ahead. He screamed and stopped the two of them. He turned around and faced Lydia’s direction. “No, no, no! Not this way!”

Lydia blinked at him and shrugged, “Why not?”

Beetlejuice turned around and pointed up at the sky, “Thaaaaaaaat’s why!!”

Lydia looked up with him and she saw the army of Sandworms. She screamed as they screeched and made noises. They looked very hungry and it looked like Beetlejuice and Lydia were right on time for dinner.

Lydia pulled on her hair, “Beetlejuice!”

“There was a reason we were behind that rock…” Beetlejuice explained.

Lydia flailed her arms, “Then why didn’t you tell me!?”

Beetlejuice folded his arms behind his back and gave her an embarrassed, open-mouths smile, “Must’ve slipped my mind….ehehehe” He thought fo a second, “Hey! I know! Let’s try reasoning with them…If they’re anything like the Sandworm I met, they’re just a bunch of pushovers!!” He walked off.

Lydia yelled after him, “Beetlejuice! No!” She slapped her forehead and closed her eyes, “Boy, is he in for a surprise!”

Beetlejuice walked up to the Sandworms with a confident look on his face. He looked up at them and began to speak, “Hey! How ya doing?”

All the Sandworms looked at each other in confusion and then down at Beetlejuice. In unison, all the worms screeched at him in a terrifying way. Beetlejuice just stood there, smiling in an optimistic way, unmoving.

Lydia narrowed an eyebrow, “Beetlejuice…?”

He stood there for a few seconds more before falling back onto the sandy ground. Lydia’s eyes widened as she screamed, running over to him. She helped him sit up.

“Beej! You okay?” The young girl asked.

Beetlejuice turned his head to look at her, “Lyds! I don’t think those are the smart Sandworms!”

Lydia sighed, “Obviously…”

He pointed to himself, “Look at this, I’m frozen with fear!” All of a sudden, Beetlejuice turned into ice.

Lydia’s eyes widened and she slapped her forehead again, “Oh, Beetlejuice! You did it again!” Just then she heard the sound of screeching Sandworms behind her. She screamed and began pushing him through the sand as she ran, “And this is a really bad time!!”

As she ran, she looked around for something she could do to thaw him out. Lydia knew if she’d had a magnifying glass, she could use the sun but that didn’t seem to be an option. She looked behind her and it seemed like the Sandworms were gaining so she ran faster.

“Aha!” Lydia looked ahead and saw an escape hatch.

She looked behind her once again and her heart raced as they got closer. She didn’t know Sandworms were this fast. Lydia looked ahead of her once more and tripped. As she fell to the warm sand, Beetlejuice slipped away and smashed against the wall of a large rock formation.

He changed back to normal. Beetlejuice put a hand on his head and shook it to regain his composure, “Whoa…never doing that again. Thanks, Lyds!”

Beetlejuice looked back and noticed Lydia down on the sand with Sandworms sniffing around her. His eyes popped out of his head and back. One was diving right at her. Beetlejuice stretched out his arms and grabbed her before the Sandworm could and the worm slammed against the ground. Beetlejuice pulled Lydia over to him.

“What? Does she have a sign on her that says ‘Sandworm Food’ or something?!” Beetlejuice yelled.

A sign appeared on Lydia’s back that said ‘Sandworm Food’ on it. Beetleuice rose his eyebrows, “Oh yeah…” Beetlejuice ripped it off her poncho and was about to throw it but then got an idea. He narrowed his eyes and smirked. He threw the sign and it attached itself to one of the Sandworms.

“Lunch time!!” Beetlejuice yelled with a smile. He then looked down at his wrist and a watch appeared, “Or it could be dinner…But hey, what do I know?”

The Sandworms screeched and licked their lips at the Sandworm with the sign on it. The Sandworm squeaked and then began to slither away in fear. The other Sandworms chased it.

“Hahahahaha!!” Beetlejuice laughed crazily, “I always knew those Sandworms were a bunch of morons!” He changed into a light switch and then back.

Beetlejuice gazed down at Lydia who had her eyes closed again. He shook her with a smirk, “Oh no, I’m not falling for that again! Good one, Lyds…”

Lydia opened her eyes slowly, “Huh…? Oh, heh, thanks, BJ” She looked around, “Where’d the Sandworms go?”

“Oh….” Beetlejuice laughed through his teeth, “They went for some fast food, haha”

“I see…” She walked to the spot where she was and then looked at Beetlejuice, “Well, I think we better get out of here before they come back!”

“Oh, yeah…Right!” He stretched out his arm and grabbed her once again. He opened the escape hatch. He shoved her through and then jumped in himself, closing the door behind him.


The two yelled as they fell out of the escape hatch and landed on the ground with a lous thud. It was dark now in the Neitherworld. Beetlejuice got to his knees and shook his head. He let out a small groan and then stood up. He looked back and his eyes widened, “There’s an escape hatch in the Snottin’ Candy machine?!” He lowered his eyelids and pointed back at it, “Irony, you know I hate it…”

Lydia stood up as well. She pulled on Beetlejuice’s arm and he looked at her, “Beej, we gotta find that guy, Mr. Brain!”

“Aw, Lyyyydia! Why…?” Beetlejuice whined and waved his arms, “He’s just about as annoying as that Sandworm!” He counted the ways on his fingers, “Smiles like an idiot…and has nothing interesting to say….”

The girl sighed and placed her hands on her sides, “Becaaaaause the Sandworms have actual brain power now aaaand they could find their own way into the Neitherworld any time they want to if we don’t do something…”

Beetlejuice blinked, “Whoa…That’s a scary thought…” He looked up and a thought bubble appeared above his head showing him about to be eaten by a bunch of Sandworms and screaming. Beetlejuice gasped and then took a pin. He smirked and then pierced the bubble and it blew up, “Now, that’s one way to burst someone’s bubble!”

“Come on!” Lydia said and pulled him away in a swift motion, taking him off guard.

They stopped in the middle of a crowd. Lydia looked around but was too short too see around most of the people there. She turned to her friend, “Beetlejuice, do you see him?”

Beetlejuice squinted, “Can’t see a thing, Babes…” She sighed and he smirked. He began to charge through the throng, shouting rude comments as he made his way to the front.

Lydia blinked at him but ran through the path he created. Just then, Beetlejuice stopped and Lydia rammed into him.

“Why’d you stop?” She asked. No answer, so she peeked her head out from behind him and saw the big gaping hole in the ground and screamed a little. It was the hole she and Beetlejuice had fell in earlier. She couldn’t believe they almost walked in it again.

“Not making that mistake again!” Beetlejuice yelled.

“No one filled in the hole?” Lydia asked.

Beetlejuice scratched his head, “Guess not….No matter!” He juiced into a construction uniform and a cement truck appeared. “I’ll fix that! Well, I’ll cement it but you know…”

Lydia giggled.

Just as he was about to fill in the hole in the ground, a voice was heard “Hello, my friends!”

The two friends looked behind them and saw it was Mr. Brain again. He spoke again, “Have you been enjoying yourselves?”

“Well…” Lydia began.

Beetlejuice turned red in the face with again and shook his fists as he stomped over to the cereal creator. Mr. Brain just looked at him with that same smile.

“No! We have NOT been enjoying ourselves! And it’s all because of your STUPID CEREAL!!” The ghost yelled and his head popped off, “Uh-oh…yelled my head off…” It landed in Mr. Brain’s hands and Beetlejuice just laughed nervously, “heh heh heh…don’tcha just hate when that happens?”

Lydia stepped in, “Umm…What Beetlejuice is trying to say is…your cereal got into Sandworm Land and its starting to make them smart down there and that could make trouble for the whole Neitherworld.”

“Oh, I know that!” said Mr. Brain.

Beetlejuice and Lydia looked at him strangely and spoke in unison, “You do…?”

“Yes!” He said again.

Lydia coughed, “Umm…could you please explain what you mean? If you knew, then…”

“Now this is no time to lose your head…”Mr. Brain smiled and lifted Beetlejuice’s head in the air, “Let me do it for you!”

Beetlejuice freaked out, “Aaah! Babes, what’s he doing?!”

Mr. Brain threw Beetlejuice’s head toward the giant hole in the ground. He screamed as he flew through the air. Lydia gasped and jumped to catch him before he reached the hole. She landed on her knees, holding his head and taking of breath of relief. She then stood up and looked at Mr. Brain strangely. Lydia walked over to Beetlejuice’s body and set his head back on his shoulders.

Beetlejuice hugged himself and felt around his head, “Ah, I’m me again!!” He juiced back into his suit and let out a happy sigh.

Lydia narrowed her eyes at Mr. Brain and pointed at him, “Now what did you think you were doing? You could have got him lost in Sandworm Land!” She looked to the side, “…Again”

Beetlejuice glared and then pointed at him as well, “Yeah!”

“I’m all for the Sandworms finding their way into the Neitherworld!” He said.

Beetlejuice rose and then disappeared. He reappeared in front of Mr. Brain dressed like a doctor and put a stethoscope to his chest and listened for a second, “Oh yeah, we definitely got a sicko on our hands!” Mr. Brain landed on a giant, inflatable hand that appeared under him. After a second or two, it exploded and Beetlejuice laughed, “hahahaha! Mr. Brain sure has an…explosive personality!!” Beetlejuice fell to the ground and continued laughing uncontrollably.

Even Lydia couldn’t help having a giggle or two, “Oh, Beetlejuice, hahaha”

Beetlejuice stood, “I’m one of a kind!” He then leaned down to Lydia, “..And if you think I’m gonna be kind to him, you must have wax in your ears!” He pulled something out of Lydia’s ear. It was a turtle and he looked at it oddly, “Hmm…Turtle wax…”

Lydia cracked up and hugged herself as she laughed. Just then, they heard a loud thud and looked ahead with a “Huh?” Mr. Brain had returned, still with a smile on his face.

Beetlejuice threw up his arms, “Ugh! Does this guy ever stop smiling?!”

“Mr. Brain. Why are you doing this?” Lydia asked him.

“Well, child…” He placed a hand behind his head, “I thought you’d never ask!”

Lydia and Beetlejuice looked at each other then back at Mr. Brain. He seemed to pulling on something. They heard a ‘z’ noise that sounded like a zipper. Beetlejuice bit his lip. The zipped came up over Mr. Brain’s head and then finally came down. Beetlejuice and Lydia grabbed a hold of each other and squeezed tightly.

They screamed in unison, “SANDWORRRRRRRRRRRM!!”

Mr. Brain was a Sandworm in disguise. They could hardly believe it. What they also couldn’t believe was how a Sandworm that large could fit in a costume of small and not give itself away. They began to run, looking back to see if he was following. Then, all of a sudden, there was a large clang as they hit a metal object and fell back. It was the large cereal box.

“Owwww…!” Lydia groaned, rubbing her head.

“Why does that thing always have to be in the way?!” Beetlejuice yelled.

Lydia stood and then began helping Beetlejuice up. Before he even got on one knee, The Sandworm came at them.

Lydia shrieked, “Beetlejuice, what are we going to do!?”

Beetlejuice stood and backed into the box. He had a crying voice, “I…I don’t know! Lyds! We’re backed into a corner!” He changed into a steaming bird on a plate, “Our goose is cooked!” He transformed back to normal and covered his eyes with his hands, “Babes…just tell me when it’s over!”

“You can’t be giving up already!” She said.

A white flag appeared, waving in the air in front of her. She narrowed her eyes and snapped it in half. Walking up to him, Lydia pulled his arms down in a quick thrust. He still had his eyes closed.

“Come on, Beetlejuice!” Lydia began, “I believe in you!”

He opened his eyes, “Yeah…”

Lydia smiled, “You’re the Ghost with the Most! You can do anything you want to that thing! Don’t you want to Beetlejuice him for what he made happen to you in Sandworm Land?” She punched a fist in the air.

“Yeah!” He yelled but then paused with a finger to his mouth. He looked at Lydia with an excited look. He put his hands on her shoulders and shook her a little, “You mean…you’re actually giving me permission to take my dirty revenge against him?!”

Lydia smirked an slapped a hand onto his shoulder, “Do your dirtiest, BJ!”

Beetlejuice jumped up and down, “Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!” He stood in front of Lydia, facing the worm that used to be Mr. Brain.

Lydia massaged his shoulders to ease any stress he had left and then said, “Now, you go get that worm!”


He smirked and rose into the air to the Sandworm’s head level. Beetlejuice circled him.

“Tell me, Lyds…” Beetlejuice said, “How does a Sandworm manage to make cereal?”

Lydia shrugged with a laugh, “Who knows?”

“Which meeeeeeeeans….” Beetlejuice gave a open-mouthed smirk and giggled a little as he rose a hand, “It shouldn’t exist!” Magic shot out of a finger and blew up the giant metal cereal box. He jumped in air and turned upside down and began laughing as he destroyed every box of it in sight. “I just loooooooove target practice!” He changed into a large red target.

“My cereal!!” screamed the worm.

Beetlejuice looked back at the Sandworm with a smile and narrowed eyes, “Not smiling now, are ya, Lame Brain!? Hahahahahaha!!”

“How dare you?!” The Sandworm fumed.

Beetlejuice snorted, “Like this…” He shot and destroyed another box. He blew smoke away from his finger, “You know I love it…”

The Sandworm hissed and opened it’s sharp-toothed mouth. Beetlejuice leaned forward and smelled the Sandworm’s breath, “I see! You’ve been working that! Nice! ‘Course, mine’s better!” Beetlejuice opened his mouth and the bad smell traveled into the worm’s nose.

The Sandworm turned away and began coughing and Beetlejuice closed his mouth. He looked down at Lydia and he pointed at the Sandworm, “Some people just can’t take competition…”

Lydia laughed for a minute or so and then glanced back up again, “I know you’re having fun, Beetlejuice, but hurry up and finish him!”

Beetlejuice rolled his eyes and sighed, “Alright, Alright…” He flew over to him, “He’s pretty much done though, Lyds…”

A lawn chair appeared and he laid in it, now dressed in a tank top and beetle-print boxers. He hummed as he sat there with closed eyes and a happy expression on his face. The Sandworm looked at him with a ferocious look on its face. Beetlejuice opened his eyes and glanced up at him, “Hi, how ya doing?”

The Sandworm opened his mouth, like he was about to eat him and Beetlejuice snapped his fingers. A large fan appeared behind him. He folded his arms behind his head and snapped his fingers again and the fan began blowing. It blew the nasty smell of his body odor over to the Sandworm. The Sandworm began hacking as the stench traveled into his nose and blinded his eyes, It wasn’t too long for the worm was in a K.O. state and slowly fell to the ground.

“Bye, Bye, Wormy!!” He smirked and laughed crazily as he stood up on his lawn chair and used his magic once again. A large boot appeared behind the worm and kicked it into the hole in the ground.

He landed on the ground and lawn chair disappeared. Beetlejuice rose his arms and looked at Lydia with a happy expression on his face.

“Beetlejuice!” Lydia exclaimed as she ran over to him and gave him a big hug. He hugged her back. She then pulled away slightly and plugged her nose, “Ugh….You reek!”

Beetlejuice still held onto her and looked up with a heavenly expression on his face, “Ah…A girl after my own heart!”

Lydia giggled as she gave him another hug, “I can’t believe it! You did it! I’m so proud of you, Beej!”

Beetlejuice separated himself from the hug and put his arm around her, juicing back into his usual suit, “Oh, Babes, I think you’re my biggest fan!” He then paused, “Well, actually…this is my biggest fan…” A fan bigger than a Sandworm appeared after he said that.

Lydia laughed and he laughed, too.


Much later on, Lydia and Beetlejuice could be found dancing together to the Neitherworldly music that had been playing.

“Y’know, Beej…” Lydia spoke and Beetlejuice spun her around and continued dancing, “I was having second thoughts about this festival…But I’m really glad I came!”

“Aside from the Sandworms…” Beetlejuice shuddered, “Gives me chills!” He changed into an ice cube then back to normal.

“Haha, Yes, aside from that!” Lydia laughed. The song changed and she slid her arms around Beetlejuice’s neck and the started dancing again, “But I guess I owe you an apology…”

Beetlejuice glared to the side, “I hate that word…”

Lydia smiled and then used a hand to make him face her again. He blinked at her and just waited for her to continue.

“So, anyway, I guess I just wanna say I’m sorry!” She nodded, “It wasn’t really your fault…You were just taking my advice and I guess I kinda felt bad for giving it to you…”

Beetlejuice was totally confused but it did remind him of what he wanted to tell and ask her about. With all the commotion and Sandworms, he’d forgotten.

Beetlejuice placed his hands on her shoulders with a happy look, “Nah, Forget all that! Besides, I’ve got something to tell you!”

“Really?” Lydia blinked but then shook her head, “I mean, I have something to tell you too!”

“Um…” They both said in unison. They weren’t sure who wanted to go first. I mean, in truth, in this sorta thing no one wanted to go first. There was always the chance of a negative reply.

Just then, there was an announcement: “All involved in the Ooze King and Queen contest please come to the stage area!” Beetlejuice rose with an optimistic look. He had an excuse!

“Hey, Babes! That’s us!” The ghost grabbed her hand and quickly pulled her away, taking her by surprise.

They reached the stage area and saw a bunch of other couples. They both looked around and then smiled at each other nervously and then looked away. A thin, skeleton-like man came onstage. Behind him were all the ghouls from the table they’d signed up at.

Beetlejuice held his arm out in front of Lydia. Lydia’s eyes widened as she looked on at it. She blinked questioningly.

“Wanna bite my nails…?” He asked.

Lydia laughed, “Ehehe, No thanks, BJ…” She could tell Beetlejuice was nervous about the whole contest and she kind of thought it was adorable. She bit her lip as she blushed at the thought. She coughed and looked up at the stage.

Beetlejuice bit his nails as he looked up at the stage as well.

The skeleton-like man began to speak slowly “There were many entries and we were happy with the response we got in this yearly contest. However, there can only be two winners!” He messed with a piece of folded up paper.

Beetlejuice threw his head back and pulled on his hair, “JUST TELL US ALREADY!!”

“Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz!!” He finally said.

There were many sighs and gasps coming from the crowd.. They couldn’t believe it..

Beetlejuice stomped his feet, “Man! What do they have that we don’t have?! I feel like…Errr” He rose his hands and they began to glow.

“Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Wait!” Lydia ran over to him and lowered his arms.

“What?!” He yelled.

“That IS us!” She laughed, “We won! We won!” She jumped with excitement.

“Wait! You’re right!” Beetlejuice exclaimed, “Boy, do I feel sheepish…” He changed into a black and white sheep.

“Haha, Come on!” Lydia waved for him to follow as she ran onstage.

Beetlejuice turned back to normal and walked onto stage beside Lydia. Beetlejuice then disappeared in a poof of smoke and appeared behind the skeleton-like man. He put his arm around him, “Hey, Hi…So when do I get my money…?”

The skeleton lifted him up off the ground, “After the festival!” He then threw him swiftly and he landed with a thud beside Lydia on his face.

“Hi Lyds…!” His eyes traveled upwards.

Lydia shook her head with an all-knowing smile and put her hands on her sides, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, you know…” Beetlejuice gave a cheesy smile, “Just trying to make friends…”

Lydia chuckled, “Somehow, I highly doubt that…”

He picked himself off the ground and laughed, “No one knows me better than you, Babes!”

They looked back at the announcer and waited for more information. He came over to them and set a crown on their heads. Lydia and Beetlejuice smiled at each other in an excited way.

“Now, you kiss…” He said.

Both Beetlejuice and Lydia froze. The two friends looked at each other for a second. The Ghost with the most stepped forward and coughed. He gave the announcer a strange look, “Yeah, kiss what?”

“Each other, of course!” The announcer laughed.

Beetlejuice looked back at Lydia with a bewildered look, “Come again?!”

Lydia shrugged and waved her arms in defense, “Heh, Don’t look at me…That wasn’t on the paper!”

“Something like that should be in BOLD print!” He spazzed.

Lydia scratched her head with her eyes closed, “hehe, sorry…”

Beetlejuice took a breath. He knew Lydia probably wouldn’t wanna be seen kissing him in public. She was so young and clean and he was so….not. So he was shocked when Lydia walked forward.

“I don’t mind, Beetlejuice…” She giggled. “Besides, I think after today, I owe you one!”

Beetlejuice was shocked yet happy at the same time. He couldn’t believe it. Lydia was actually willing to kiss him.

“Well…” His face reddened as he took one step closer, looking in the other direction, “Since it IS for the contest…” He inched closer, “I guess it would be okay…” He walked closer until they were only a few inches apart.

Beetlejuice could feel himself sweating and that awkward feeling came back to him. He straightened his tie and coughed. He tried averting his eyes but they eventually led back to stare into hers.

“Calm down, Beej!” She giggled, “It’s only me!”

‘And that’s what makes me nervous!’ He thought in his head.

Beetlejuice leaned downward and Lydia leaned upward. She grabbed his face and pulled him closer until their lips met. Beetlejuice put his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. The kiss should have stopped after a moment but it seemed Lydia and Beetlejuice had lost themselves in the moment. After a few minutes, they finally broke away.

Everyone stood there dumbfounded. They didn’t expect it to have last so long. There was a large silence. Beetlejuice stood there with a goofy grin on his face, His eyes were fixed on one position. He let out a loving sigh and fell backwards onto the stage floor.

Lydia blinked and stood over him with an inquisitive look. She scratched her head and put a hand under her chin, “Beetlejuice…?”

“Huh…? Yeah?” He finally responded.

“I think some of these are yours…” She said.

Confused, Beetlejuice sat up and looked at her. He laughed as she saw she was holding a couple beetles. The ghost stood up and took them from her..

“Oh yeah!!” Beetlejuice said, sticking them inside his jacket, “I was saving those guys for later!”

Lydia clasped a hand around her throat and made a disgusted face, “I actually think I swallowed one…Yuck!”

He snaked an arm around her and leaned closer, “Ah, what’s a shared beetle between friends!”

Lydia covered her mouth and laughed. He laughed too. They were quiet for a few moments and Beetlejuice pulled on his collar. He still felt a bit nervous.


“Hmm…?” Lydia asked and just as she did, the music began playing once again. She looked around and noticed everyone dancing again. It was a slow song.

“Let’s dance! You know, the contest and all…” Beetlejuice said, scratching his head.

“Sure, BJ!” Lydia nodded and they began to dance on stage.

And so they danced. Beetlejuice bit his lip as he hugged Lydia closer as they danced. She wondered about it but she definitely wasn’t complaining. She wanted to tell him so much but was worried. Her heart beat faster especially after that kiss. She wondered if she’d ever calm down.

“Hey, Beetlejuice…?”

Beetlejuice looked down at her. She was smiling. It was the same smile she always gave him but it was making him feel even more awkward them before. This feeling was driving him crazy. If he didn’t say something to someone about it, he was sure he would explode.

He screamed and his head spun around crazily. Lydia jumped back with a small gasp. He pulled on his hair for the umpteenth time that night, “THAT’S IT! I can’t take it anymooooooooooore!!”

Lydia was totally confused as to what he was talking about it. And before she could ever ask, he continued yelling.

“Lydiaaaaaa!! I’m in love with youuuuuuuuu!!” His statement seemed to last forever and he panted, out of breath once done.

Everyone, including Lydia was staring at him strangely. He looked at everyone around him and laughed nervously with an open-toothed smile. From head to toe, he turned red. He could hear a few people around him laughing.

Lydia looked at him with concern, “Beetlejuice…”

“Gee…” He glanced down at himself, “Look at this! I’ve gone red! Oh and I feel so small!” He shrunk the size of a hand.

Lydia kneeled down and let him jump in her hand, “Beetlejuice…There’s no reason to feel that way…”

Beetlejuice sighed and sat down in her palm.

“Because…” Lydia took a breath and tightened her eyes, “Because I love you too!!”

His eyes widened and he changed back to normal, sitting on the stage.He leaned forward on his hands and knees like a dog, “Really?”

Lydia giggled, patting his head and ruffled his hair, “Of course, Beej! That’s what I’ve been wanting to tell you!”

Beetlejuice turned to the crowd and stuck out his tongue at them. The music began again and pretty much no one was paying attention to them anymore. It was slow music. Beetlejuice was smiling happily and he pulled Lydia super close.

“Let’s be done with this stupid slow music!! Weeeee’re here to paaaaaaaaaaaarty!!” Beetlejuice raised a hand and magic flew out of it and hit the person playing music. The music became all upbeat and danceable.

Lydia smiled and laughed as the place became crazy with dancing ghouls and other Neitherworldly inhabitants. Beetlejuice and Lydia danced again and they were the center of attention as spotlight shine on them and they let themselves get lost in another kiss.

OMG! XD I was starting to think that I’d never finish this. I really wasn’t expecting it to be this long. Please, don’t mind my grammatical errors. Even proofreading 80 times I never seem to get anything. I just hope you enjoyed my story. X3 I like this and hope you did too. Maybe I’ll write another sometime in the future but I dunno. Please comment/ review!!
Summary: Beetlejuice and Lydia go to a Festival in the Neitherworld and run into trouble

(I had to post this is parts because the file is way too big XD I wrote alot)

Part 1 ------> [link]
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